Themes & Format


   Two main themes proposed are:

         Role of  technology in teaching of mathematics

         Innovative practices in teaching mathematics


We hope that TIME 2011, like TIME 2005, TIME 2007 and TIME 2009, will serve a dual role: as a forum in which mathematics educators and teachers will come together to discuss and to probe major issues associated with the integration of technology in mathematics teaching and learning, and as a place where they can share their perspectives, personal experiences, and innovative teaching practices.



F     Format:


     The event  will have


         Invited one hour talks on the issue of technology in mathematics education and innovative practices in math education by experts.

         Short 20-30 minute presentations by school/college teachers on their existing innovative practices in teaching and efforts in  integrating technology in teaching of mathematics.

         Poster presentations on innovations in teaching, book exhibition and software demonstrations with hands-on workshops.

         Hand on workshops on the role and use of Hardware  like calculators and Computers, Tablet PCs,   and software like   Dynamic Geometry , Maple, Mathematica, Mupad, and  others in mathematics education.

         Workshops on recreational mathematics mental mathematics are also planned

Panel discussion:

     Role of ICT in math education.

          Role of parents in math education


















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