Themes & Format



   Two main themes proposed are:

·         Role of  technology in teaching of mathematics

·         Innovative practices in teaching mathematics

We hope that TIME 2013, like Time 2005, TIME 2007, TIME 2009, and TIME 2011 will serve a dual role: as a forum in which mathematics educators and teachers will come together to discuss and to probe major issues associated with the integration of technology in mathematics teaching and learning, and as a place where they can share their perspectives, personal experiences, and innovative teaching practices.

The participants will have the oppertunity to listen and interact with international experts.





     The event  will have


·         Invited one hour talks on the issue of technology in mathematics education and innovative practices in math education by experts.

·         Short 20-30 minute presentations by school/college teachers on their existing innovative practices in teaching and efforts in  integrating technology in teaching of mathematics.

·         Poster presentations on innovations in teaching, book exhibition and software demonstrations with hands-on workshops.

·         Hand on workshops on the role and use of Hardware  like calculators and Computers, Tablet PCs,   and software like   Dynamic Geometry , Maple, Mathematica, Mupad, and  others in mathematics education.

·         Workshops on recreational mathematics mental mathematics are also planned


Panel discussion:

·      Integrating Technology in math curriculum.

·          Role of parents in math education