Overview of the M.Sc. ASI programme.

Computer Science Courses (topics covered)
Fundamentals of Computer Programming.
Discrete Structures.
Data Structures.
Relational Database Management Systems.
Discrete Algorithms.
Numerical Mathematics.
Systems and Network Programming.
Computer Aided Geometric Design.
Mathematical Elements of Graphics.
Compiler Theory.
Automata and Languages.
Artificial Intelligence.

C++, C, Lisp/Fortran, Java, Perl, CGI programming, Cobol, RDBMS platforms, Tcl/Tk etc., Mathematica, SAS (statistics and OR software).

OS used
Unix, Dos, Novell Netware, Windows 95/98/NT

Emphasis on
Application Software Development.
Diverse knowledge of mathematical techniques for problem solving.
Foundations in statistical techniques.

Industrial Mathematics Topics covered
Optimization Techniques.
Mathematical Modeling.
Systems Theory.
Finite Elements and Finite Difference Methods.

Statistics Topics covered
Elements of Probability Theory.
Applied Stochastic Processes.
Categorical Data Analysis.
Applied Multivariate Analysis.
Stochastic Programming Problem.
Experimental Designs.
Reliability Techniques.
Statistical Quality Control.

Consultancy and Interaction with

Cytel Software, USA.
Prof. S. V. Sabnis, Prof. A. Subrahmaniam, Prof. Sachin Patkar

Geometric Software Services Limited.
Prof. Sachin Patkar

Silicon Automation Systems, Banglore.
Prof. Sachin Patkar

Tata Infotech Limited.
Prof. Sachin Patkar

Standard Research Systems-Harris, A marketing research Agency.
Prof. S. V. Sabnis

Associated Cement Association Limited.
Prof. S. V. Sabnis.

Pfizer Limited, Mumbai.

A.F.Ferguson, Mumbai.

Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts, New Delhi.

Novartis Enterprises Pvt.Ltd, Pune.