The Department of Mathematics comprises of 27 regular faculty members and three      visitors with expertise in various areas of Mathematics, Statistics and Theoretical Computer Science.  The faculty members strive to maintain quality teaching and research standards. Year after year, the faculty is winning awards for excellence in teaching and research contribution.

There is an active involvement of the department in developing partnership with industry in terms of providing solution strategies for industrial problems.  Pfizer Ltd. has sponsored four Scholarships for M.Sc. students to promote this partnership.


The Industrial Mathematics Group (IMG) at I.I.T Bombay aims to provide necessary inputs for Mathematical Technology in terms of


    * Research and Development Projects

    * Consultancy Projects

    * In-House and In-Campus Workshops

    * Curriculum Development Activities

    * Skill Development Activities


Essentialy, these objectives entail forging long term partnership betweeen the academia and industry by


    * PROVIDING viable Mathematical framework to analyse and comprehend efficient methodologies in Technological processes

    * DESIGNING appropriate mathematical and statistical software for industrial problems supplemented with Courseware and Teachware.

    * ESTABLISHING computer aided instructional environment equipped with a software library developed in-house.

    * TRAINING of scientists and engineers in the realm of industrial Mathematics for technical competence and human resource development.

    * DEVELOPING a Network of Indunstrial Mathematics for collaborating with local industrial units on a continuing basis.

    * CREATING FTP site for public domain numerical software packages to function as a mirror site of similar centres in the World.


Seminars in various areas have been held throughout the year. In addition, the faculty members were involved in organizing international workshops, CEP programs, national/international conferences, and in writing books.  They also carried out honorary work like referee jobs for journals, reviewing projects, examining Ph.D. theses and serving on selection committees of other universities.  Throughout the year, a steady stream of visitors from other institutes in India and abroad has contributed to the seminar and colloquia activities.




Academic Programmes


Besides the teaching of B. Tech. Courses, the department offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes along with its research activity.  It has two distinct M.Sc. programmes.  M.Sc. in Mathematics (intended for those who wish to pursue research and/or teaching as their career) and M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and Informatics (ASI) (job oriented).


In addition, the Department has a research programme leading to Ph.D. degree.  This programme has a broad based course work and specialization in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing and Statistics.


 R & D Activities


As one of the key instruments of fostering excellence in Research & Development in Mathematical Sciences, this programme focuses on a strong link between `Mathematics and its Applications'. There are not many research centers in India with this kind of focus and the Department is striving continuously for excellence in research & development in mathematical sciences

.  The key objectives of the research and development activities of the department are: Basic Research, focusing in contemporary areas of fundamental, developmental and strategical importance, Interdisciplinary Research, aiming at development of multidisciplinary research teams involving mathematicians and scientists/engineers in frontier areas of Mathematics and Statistics, Academic Interaction, gearing towards establishment of individual and institutional contacts between the Department of Mathematics and various educational and Research & Development Organisations in the country such as major universities, TIFR, IISc, ISI, ISRO, DRDO, ONGC, Indian Meteorological Centers, etc., and nodal organisations such as CSIR, DAE, DST, etc., for scientific exchange of ideas of national importance.  In order to fulfill the broad objectives of research activities, steps are taken to ensure that, the theoretical base in emerging areas are strengthened, interdisciplinary problems requiring mathematical solutions are identified, interaction between Indian and overseas scientists are facilitated, local talents are well nurtured through lecture series and instructional workshops and by evolving a pool of trained manpower in thrust areas.



The research interests of the faculty members cover a wide range of fields:

v Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra, Riemannian Geometry ,Algebraic Topology , Number Theory.

v Combinatorial Optimization & Application

v Approximation Theory, Functional Analysis and Harmonic Analysis

v Biomechanics, Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

v Industrial Mathematics & Financial Mathematics

v Computational Biology &



v Bio-Statistics


v Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing

v Partial Differential Equation and Optimization & Control

v Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

v Applied Probability, Stochastic Differential Game Theory, Inference of Stochastic processes & Statistical Inference

v Reliability theory, Industrial Statistics, Geo-Statistics & Statistical Signal Processing

Faculty members undertake projects sponsored by organizations such as National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Indian National Science Academy (NSA), Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNC), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), and Indian Council of Medical Research. Some


of the important ongoing and recently completed projects are listed below:




DBT - Software Development for Ab-initio Prediction of 3D structure of Proteins using Knowledge-Based Nonparametric Regression, 2003, ongoing.





DST - Construction of Optimal Reliability Test Plans, 2002, ongoing. - Issues in Designing Multidimensional Databases, 2001, ongoing.

European Union ASIA-IT funded WEBOPT project, 2003, ongoing.

CSIR- Analytical and Numerical Studies of Quasilinear Systems of

Hyperbolic and Parabolic PDEs with Applications, 2002, ongoing.

DST- Workshop in Mathematics, 2003, ongoing.

MHRD -  On the development of interactive courseware modules in Mathematics,2003,ongoing

A number of new initiatives have been taken in the recent past to consolidate and strengthen research & development activities and also encourage collaboration with the other Departments at IIT Bombay as well as other academic organisations and industries.


 Sponsored Projects


Ghorpade S.R

Project Title: Combinatorial and computational aspects of some algebraic

Sponsoring  Agency: IRCC
Amount  generated: 2 Lakhs
Beginning  Year:
End  Year:


Joshi R.R.

Project Title: Softeware Development for Ab-initio Prediction of 3D structure of Proteins using Knowledge-Based Nonparametric Regression

Sponsoring  Agency: Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
Amount  generated: 11.76 Lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003
End  Year: 2005


Neela Nataraj

Project Title: Parallelization of mixed finite element methods for  source/ eigenvalue problems

Sponsoring  Agency:DST
Amount  generated: 5.76 Lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2001 
End  Year: 2004


Project Title: A parallel mixed finite element implementation of IV order elliptic source/ eigenvalue problems in distributed memory environments.

Sponsoring  Agency: IRCC
Amount  generated: 3 lakhs      
Beginning  Year: 2003
End  Year: 2005


Patkar Sachin

Project Title: WebOPT

Sponsoring  Agency: European Union ASIA-ITC
Amount  generated:
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Rana I.K.

Project Title: Preperation of electronic courseware and awareness Modules in Mathematics.

Sponsoring  Agency: MHRD
Amount  generated: 16,00,000/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Sabnis S.V.

Project Title: Study of Optimal Reliability Test Plans

Sponsoring  Agency: DST
Amount  generated: 6.43 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2002 
End  Year: 2005


Project Title: Morphological versus Molecular Approach to the Taxonomy
of Foraminifers.


Sponsoring  Agency: Institute Strategy and Planning Committee (ISPC), IIT Bombay (Cross-Disciplinary Research Groups)
Amount  generated: 6.12 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Sharma V.D

Project Title: Analytical and numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws with applications.

Sponsoring  Agency: CSIR
Amount  generated:Around 7 Lakhs
Beginning  Year:2003
End  Year: 2005






Subramanyam A.

Project Title: Stochatic Modelling, Analysis, and Optimization of Resource Allocation.

Sponsoring  Agency: ISPC, IIT Bombay
Amount  generated: 5.7 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Suresh Kumar K.

Project Title: WebOPT

Sponsoring  Agency: European Union ASIA-ITC
Amount  generated: 30,00,000/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Project Title: Stochatic Modelling, Analysis, and Optimization of Resource Allocation.

Sponsoring  Agency: ISPC, IIT Bombay
Amount  generated: 5.7 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Swaminathan V.

Project Title: Stochatic Modelling, Analysis, and Optimization of Resource Allocation.

Sponsoring  Agency: ISPC, IIT Bombay
Amount  generated: 5.7 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005



Extension  Activities


Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools (ATM) (Sponsored by NBHM)


ATM is an effort to strengthen the training programmes in Mathematics at Ph.D level There are a  large number of doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, university teachers in the  universities, IITs, ISIs and various research institutes  in the country. They often  learn very limited amount of mathematics during their doctoral programme. One of the reasons is lack of a regular training programme at  doctoral level in most places.      As a result, foundations of their knowledge remain weak although they may know a lot in the area of their research.  This hampers their growth in the future and it also has a negative impact on the programme they carry out when they  become faculty members.


To remedy this situation a group of mathematicians from various institutes in the country have proposed a sustainable model of training at national level in the inter-related areas of  algebra, analysis, partial differential equations, discrete mathematics, geometry, number theory and topology. This  integrated training programme will provide  basic and advanced knowledge in these areas and emphasize their interconnections via a series of instructional schools to be held in Winter and Summer every year at various levels in about a dozen carefully selected departments of mathematics   across the country. The first such school is being held at IIT Bombay.


 These instructional programmes will have the twin aims of   training research scholars in their formative years by some of the leading researchers in the country and  bringing together post-doctoral fellows, young faculty, as course associates and senior and active researchers as lecturers enable them to interact for possible research collaboration on the topics of lectures in the advanced schools.


WORM 2003


The Industrial Mathematics Group (IMG) at the Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay), Jadavpur University (Kolkata), University of Vienna (Austria), and The Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Optimisation Modelling Applications (CARISMA) at Brunel University (UK) are partners in an European Union funded project called “Web enabled optimization tools and models for research, professional training and industrial deployment (WEBOPT)”. The main objective of the WEBOPT project is to disseminate knowledge and information in the areas of Mathematical Modeling, Optimization and Computational Algorithms among academic scientists and industrial researchers in India.

A workshop followed by one day seminar was  organized in the Department of Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay during 18-22 December 2003.              The primary objective of the workshop is to introduce academics and researchers in India to modeling techniques and solution approaches for large-scale optimization problems and decision making under uncertainty and risks.It is also intended to discuss the financial planning involving portfolio selection, asset liability management models and index tracking.Last but not the least goal is to develop a network of European and Indian academicians research scientists and to increase the interaction between the academia and industry in India.


The DST Sponsored 9th Workshop in Mathematics was organized in our Institute by Prof. Inder K.Rana. from October 11th to 16th, 2003. About 45 students from colleges in western region participated in the workshop.



The faculty is actively involved in various programmes,  popularizing / training of mathematics such as NBHM sponsored nurture programme, Ganit Utsav organized by Bombay Mathematical Colloquium, popular lectures at Nehru Science Centre etc.


Another important activity in this direction is the Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics - a joint activity of Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay and Bombay Mathematical Colloquium.


This was started in 1997 by the Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay. Forty lectures have been held under this series so far on diverse topics in mathematics.


The lectures are aimed at a wide spectrum of audience. Besides mathematicians, we also invite scientists and engineers who apply mathematics in research and development in their area. The speakers are instructed to start from the basics and build their lecture so that beginners as well as experts can benefit. The series has become extremely popular among students and faculty at IIT and college teachers in Mumbai.




24 July, 2003

Prof. H.Ananthnarayan, University of Kansas, USA

Tates Resolutions


30 July, 2003                                                                                                                Prof.R.Sridharan, Chennai Mathematical Institute,Chennai



1 August, 2003

Prof. T.N.Sriram, University of Georgia, USA

Fixed width confidence interval based on a minimum Hellinger distance estimator.


15 September 2003

Tobias Hartnick

Profinite Groups and the Main Theorem of Galois Theory.

19 September, 2003

Prof.Ramadevi, Department of Physics,IIT Bombay,                                                           Knots,Links and Three-dimensional Manifolds


27 Octobber 2003

Dr.Abani K.Patra,University of Buffalo,New York

Modeling and Simulation of Granular Avalanches Over Natural Terrain


31 October, 2003

Prof. V.R.Sule, Department of Electrical Engg,IIT Bombay                                                              Science of Automatic Control:Paradigms and Puzzles.


3 November, 2003

Prof. Anand Srivastav, Kiel University, Germany

Randomized Approximation


21 November, 2003

Prof. Ramesh Korwar, University of Massachusetts

Recent developments in Stochastic orders for order statistics.


16 December 2003

Prof.Lokenath Debnath, University of Texas-Pan

Four Major Discoveries in Applied Mathematics


3 December, 2003                                                                                                                    Ashwin Vaidya, University of Pittsburgh, USA                                                                                                                   Mathematical Analysis of Orientation of Rigid Bodies Sedimenting in Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Liquids  

 29 December                                                                                                                         Jaydeep chipalkatti, University of British Columbia, Canada                                                                                                                         Polar polyhedra of algebraic forms .

 2 January, 2004                                                                                                                                Prof. K.N. Raghavan, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai                                                                                                                     Picture Invariants for Lie Algebras  

5 January, 2004                                                                                                                      Prof.S.A Naimpally, Lakehead University, Canada                                                                                                                        All Hypertopologies are hit and miss topologies.

5 January, 2004                                                                                                                                 Prof. Parameswaran Sankaran, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The remarkable Richard Thompson groups.

13 January, 2004                                                                                                            Prof.Sriram Pemmaraju, Department of Computer Science, University of Iowa Analysis of First-Fit-On-Line coloring for interval graphs.

20 January, 2004                                                                                                                              Prof. J.Batt, University of Munich, Germany                                                                                                               Approximation of Shocks by Solutions of systems of Ordinary Differential Equations

23 January, 2004                                                                                                                    Prof.Pablo Ares Gastesi, TIFR, Mumbai                                                                                 Iteration in complex planes,Kleinian Groups;Complex dynamics and computers

29 January, 2004                                                                                                                            Prof. D.V Pai , IIT Bombay                                                                                                                              Strong uniqueness in simultaneous Approximation.

Jan 31, 2003                                                                                                                                        Prof. Dr. F. Ischebeck, University of Muenster, Germany                                                                 Vector Bundles and Projective Modules.


11 February, 2004

Dr. Swapneel Mahajan, TIFR, Mumbai

Projections, Shellings and Duality


17 February, 2004                                                                                                                          Dr. Akash Nanavati                                                                                                                           Co-ordination Mechanisms

1 March, 2004                                                                                  Prof.A.D.Dharmadhikari,Dept. of Statistics,University of Pune                                          Design of Experiment to improve the Reliability of a component in a series system.

1 March, 2004                                                                                                                                    Prof. B.K Sinha,Math-Stat Unit,ISI,Kolkata                                                                             Some Probabilistic and Statistical Aspects of Discovery of Species.

16 March, 2004                                                                                                                     Prof.H.N Mhaskar,Dept. of Matheamtics,California University,USA                                                                  Local Polynomial Operators

17 March, 2004                                                                                        Dr.J.Prajapat,ISI,Bangalore                                                                                                           A New Characterization of the Sphere

19 March, 2004                                                                                                                 Prof.Manjul Bhargava Princeton University,New Jersey,USA                                                               Representation of Integers By Quadratic Forms

23 March, 2004                                                                                                                          Prof.Gunter Meyer, Georgia Institute of Technology,Germany                                                                                                     The Numerics of Pricing Equity Options.


List of Faculty and Specializations


    Ameer Athavale (Professor- VF)

Functional  Analysis


Bagai Shobha  (Assistant Professor - VF)

Fluid Dynamics


Ghorpade Sudhir R.   (Professor)

Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics


Joshi K. D. (Professor)

Topology, Discrete Mathematics


Joshi Mohan C. (Professor)

Nonlinar Analysis , Control Theory


Joshi R. R.  (Professor)

Computational Biology and Biostatistics, Bioinformatics


Kulkarni Rekha P. (Professor)

Numerical Functional Analysis, Spline Theory


Limaye Balmohan V.  (Professor)

Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Spectral Approximation


Mitra Amit  (Assistant Professor)

Statistical Signal Processing


Neela Nataraj  (Assistant Professor)

Finite Element methods


Pai Devidas V.  (Professor)

Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory, Set-valued Analysis


Pani Amiya K. (Professor)

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Industrial  Mathematics


Parihar K. S. (Professor)

Mechanics of Solids


Patkar Sachin B.   (Associate Professor)

Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms


Prakash J. (Professor)



Puthenpurakal T.J  (Senior Lecturer)

Commutative Algebra


Rana Inder K. (Professor)

Harmonic Analysis, Mathematics Education


Ranjan Akhil (Professor)           

Differential Geometry


Sabnis S. V. (Associate Professor)

Reliability Theory, Industrial Statistics


Sharma V.D.  (Professor)

Quasilinear Systems of PDEs/ Nonlinear Waves


Shastri A. R. (Professor)

Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology


Srinivasan Anitha (Lecturer)

Number Theory


Srinivasan G. K. (Assistant Professor)

Partial Differential Equations


Srinivasan M. K. (Associate Professor)



Subramanyam  A. (Associate Professor)

Statistical Inference, Geostatistics

Sureshkumar K.  (Assistant Professor)

Stochastic Differential Game Theory, Mathematical Finance.


Swaminathan V. (Assistant Professor)

Inference for Stochastic Processes


Vellaisamy P.  (Professor)

Applied Probability, Statistical Inference, Industrial Statistics


Verma J. K.   (Professor)

Commutative Algebra




I.            Publications (Conference & Journals/Books)


Ghorpade S.R



“The Hilbert series of Pfaffian rings, in Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry with Applications” Edited by C. Christensen, C. Bajaj, G. Sundaram and A. Sathaye,   pp. 337-356, Published by Springer-Verlag, New York, 2003.


C. Krattenthaler.,



“Classical varieties, codes and combinatorics, in: Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics”, Actes/Proceedings, K. Eriksson and S. Linusson Eds., Linkping University, Sweden, pp. 75-84  (Vadstena, 2003)


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Joshi K.D



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Joshi R.R



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S. Jyothi.


“Ab-initio Computation of the 3d-Structure of Proteins by Nonparametric Statistical Methods - Medium and Short Range Distance Estimates”,  Sankhya, Vol. 65 (3) pp. 593-611, 2003.


S. Jyothi.



Kulkarni R.P



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N. Gnaneshwar



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Limaye B.V



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Neela Nataraj



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Applied Mathematics and Computation, 25 September, 2003.


Kshitij Kulshreshtha, Michael Jung.



Pai D.V



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“On well-posedness of a some problems in Approximation Theory,ie: Advances IN Constructive Approximation : Vanderbilt 2003”, Mike Neamtu and Ed Saff (eds.), ISBN 0-9728482-2-3, Nashbore Press, Brentwood, TN, 2004, USA.


Pani A.K



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Pradeepa Nair.


“The effect of spatial quadrature on the semisiscrete finite element Galerkin method for a strongly damped wave equation”, Numer Funct. Anal and Optmiz ,no. 3-4, pp.311-325,



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Problems : Theory, Numerics and Applications, Springer Verlag, pp. 745-754, 2003.


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Patkar Sachin



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H. Narayanan.


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Ravi S. Gautam.




“A J2EE Based Design and Implementation of a Decision Support System for
Scheduling in a Bearing Heat Treatment Plant”, NCOOT2003: 5th National Conference on Object Oriented Technology, 2003.


B.R.S.M. Jothi, Nikhil Maheshwari , Neha Pandey



Prakash J



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Ranjan A



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Puthenpurakal T.J



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C. D Cruz, V. Kodiyalam.




II.            Conferences (organized / Participation)


S.R. Ghorpade


Ø Title:  International Conference on Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics.  Organizer:  Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad.
National/International:  National                                                                              Details:                                                                                                                                                               

Ø Title:  Joint India-AMS Meeting                                                                                       Organizer: Sudhir R. Ghorpade, Hema Srinivasan , J.K. Verma                                 Sponsors: AMS, NBHM, DST.                                                                                          Duration:  17/12/2003 To 20/12/2003                                                                National/International:  National                                                                              


Ø Title:    Configuration spaces for point-sets and torus actions on Grassmannians.                                                                                                                Organizer:  IIT Bombay                                                                                                                       National/International:  National                                                                              Details:  5th National Meeting on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry,
IIT Bombay, Mumbai, April 2003.

Ø Title: Mini Workshop on Curves over Finite Fields.                                                                                                 Organizer: University of Mumbai.                                                           National/International:  National                                                                                  Details:  Zeta functions of curves over finite fields , A series of two
lectures, Mini Workshop on Curves over Finite Fileds, University of
Mumbai, Mumbai, July 2003  

Joshi R.R   

Ø Title:  International Conference on Mathematical Biology.                                                     Organizer: Dept. of Bioscience, Bioengg. and Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Kanpur  National/International:  National                                                                                        Duration: 19/2/2004 To 21/2/2004                                                                             Details:  Talked on Statistical Data Mining Applications in Bioinformatics - Prediction of 3D Structure of Proteins

Kulkarni R.P

Ø Title: International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, ICIAM 2003.                                                                                                                             Organizer: Sydney, Australia.                                                                          National/International:  International                                                                                     Duration: 7/7/2003 To 11/7/2003                                                                                            Details:   Talked on Extrapolation using a New Projection Method  

Ø Title: International Workshop ANODE 2003.                                                                                 Organizer: University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand. National/International:  International                                                                                     Duration: 14/7/2003 To 25/7/2003                                                                                            Details:  Talked on a New Superconvergent Projection Method for Approximate Solutions  of Compact Operator Equations.

Ø Title:  Eleventh Ramanujan Symposium on Recent Trends in Operator Theory
and Banach Algebras                                                                                              Organizer: Ramanujan Institute, University of Madras, Chennai. National/International:  National                                                                                 Duration: 3/3/2004 To 5/3/2004                                                                                  Details: Talked on Approximate Solution of Integral Equations of the Second Kind.

Limaye B.V  

Ø Title: Approximation Methods and Orthogonal Expansions                                                     Organizer: University of Tartu, Estonia                                               National/International:  International                                                                                     Duration: 12/9/2003 To 14/9/2003                                                                                            Details:   Talked on Improvement of Accuracy in Spectral Approximation.

Neela Natraj

Ø Title:  International Conference on Industrial  Mathematics

National/International:  International                                                                                                               Duration: December 2003


Ø Title:  Annual Conference of Orissa Mathematical Society                                                                                                                               Organizer: Orissa Mathematical Society                                                                                                                                                                                                                             National/International: National                                                                                     Duration: February 2004                                                                                                               

Pai D.V

Ø Title:  Advances in Constructive Approximation

National/International:  International                                                                                                               Duration: May 14 - 17, 2003

Details: Delivered a lecture on “well-posedness of some problems in                   approximation theory.

Ø Title:  69th Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society National/International:  National                                                                                                               Duration: December 2003

Details: Delivered a lecture on “Strong unicity in simultaneous approximation”.

Pani A.K

Ø Title: Eleventh MAFELAP conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications held at Brunel University.                                                                            Organizer: Brunel University (UK)                                                                       National/International:  International                                                                                     Duration: 21/6/2003 To 24/6/2003                                                                                            Details:   Talked on Finite Element Galerkin Methods for the Equations of Motions Arising in the Model of Viscoelastic Fluids.

Ø Title: 31st OMS Conference held in the Institute of Physics,
Bhubaneswar                                                                                                               Organizer: Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar  National/International:  National                                                                                     Duration: 7/2/2004 To 8/2/2004                                                                                            Details:   Talked on How to Compute a Fair Price for an Option Derivative in Financial Market : A Case Study and Its Mathematical Implications.

Patkar Sachin

Ø Title: Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science  Organizer: IIT Bombay                                                                          National/International:  International                                                                                     Duration: 15/12/2003 To 17/12/2003 

Puthenpurakal T.J

Ø Title: 5th Conference onCommutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry. Organizer: IIT Bombay                                                                          National/International:  National                                                                                     Duration: 1/4/2003 To 5/4/2003                                                                                       Details: Talked on Resolutions of modules over local rings

Ø Title: International conference on Commutative algebra and Combinatorics                                                                                                                            Organizer: Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune and HRI, Allahabad.                                                                                                         National/International: National.                                                                               Duration: 8/12/2003 To 14/12/2003                                                                                               Details: Talked on Cohen-Macaulay modules of dimension two with generalized Cohen-Macaulay associatedgraded modules. 

Ø Title: Session for Young Researches in Commutative Algebra and
Algebraic Geometry                                                                                                  Organizer: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.                                                               National/International: National.                                                                               Duration: 16/12/2003                                                                                                       Details:   Talked on Resolutions of modules over local rings.

Rana I.K 

Ø Title: Workshop in Mathematics                                                                                   Organizer: Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay                                                                          National/International: National  

Sabnis S.V  

Ø Title: Indian Society for Probability and Statistics (ISPS) Confernence.       Organizer: Dept of Statistics, Nagarjuna University, Guntur (A. P.)         National/International:  National                                                                                     Duration: 18/12/2004 To 20/12/2004                                                                                            Details:   Talked on Construction of Optimal Reliability Test Plans in the presence of Covaraites- Series Systems .

Ø Title: Fifth International Triennial Calcutta Symposium on Probability and
Statistics                                                                                                                     Organizer:   Dept of Statistics, Calcutta University and Calcutta Statistical Association                                                                                             National/International:  National                                                                                     Duration: 28/12/2004 To 31/12/2004                                                                                            Details:  100 (1-d)% Confidence Intervals for Parameters of Weibull Distribution Based on Samples of size one and n (> 2) .

Ø Title:    International Symposium on Emerging Strategies for Improving Productivity, Quality and Reliability.                                                                        Organizer:   Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability in collaboration with Central Glass \amp Ceramic Research Institute.   National/International:  International                                                                               Duration: 12/12/2003 To 14/12/2003                                                                            Details:  Construction of Optimal Reliability Test Plans in the Presence of Covariates- Parallel System.

Ø Title:  Recent Developments in Probability and Statistics                                         Organizer:  Dept of Statistics, University of Pune, Pune.                  National/International:  National.                                                                                Duration: 23/12/2003 To 25/12/2003                                                                           Details:  Talked on Estimation and Construction of Bounds in Prototype Testing .

Shastri A.R                                                                                                                     

Ø Title:  India-AMS Joint Meeting                                                                           Organizer:  IISc Bangalore                                                                  National/International:  International.                                                                                Duration: 17/12/2003 To 20/12/2003                                                                           Details:  Talked on Topology of Matrix Varieties

Srinivasan M.K

Ø Title: Third Haifa Workshop on Interdisciplinary Applications of Graph Theory,
Combinatorics, and Algorithms, in honor of Peter L. Hammer.                              Organizer: Caesarea Rothschild Institute, University of HaifaHaifa, Israel  National/International:  International.                                                                                Duration: 27/5/2003 To 29/5/2003                                                                           Details:  Talked on Threshold Graphs, the Polytope of degree sequences, and the Alternating Cone.

Ø Title: Operations Research with Economic and Industrial Applications.  Organizer: ISI, Kolkata India.                                                               National/International:  International.                                                                               Duration: 8/1/2004 To 10/1/2004                                                                                               Details: Talked on the Alternating Cone of a 2-Colored Graph .

Subramanyam A  

Ø Title: Golden Jubilee Conference on Recent Developments in Statistics  Organizer: Department of Statistics, University of Pune.                           National/International: National.                                                                               Duration: 22/12/2004 To 24/12/2004                                                                                               Details: Talked on Cokriging and Kriging Systems.

Suresh Kumar K  

Ø Title: Queues, Inventory, Reliability, Maintenance and Replacement                                   Organizer: Department of mathematics, CUSAT, Kochi                    National/International:  National.                                                                               Duration: 19/2/2004 To 22/2/2004                                                                                               Details:  Risk-sensitive portfolio optimization problem with stochastic interest

Swaminathan V

Ø Title: Golden Jubilee Conference on Recent Developments in Statistics  Organizer: Department of Statistics, University of Pune.                           National/International: National.                                                                               Duration: 22/12/2003 To 24/12/2003                                                                                               Details: Talked on a Note on Geometric Ergodicity of an Asymmetric beta-ARCH Model.

Vellaisamy P  

Ø Title: Emerging strategies for improving productivity, quality and reliability              Organizer: IAPQR , Department of Statistics, Calcutta University, Kolkatta. National/International: International.                                                                               Duration: 12/12/2003  To 14/12/2003                                                                                                      Details:   Talked on Optimal component reliabiltiy test plans for a parallel system based  on Type-II censoring.

Ø Title: International Workshop on Applied Probability                                                        Organizer: M.V Koutras, University of Piraeus, Greece.                                                                       National/International: International.                                                                               Duration: 21/3/2004  To 24/03/2004                                                                                                      Details:   Talked on Poisson Approximation for (k1, k2)- events via Stein-Chen method.


Verma J.K

Ø Title: International Conference on Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics Organizer: W. Bruns, N. V. Trung, R. A. Rao, R. V. Gurjar, S. A. Katre, S. D. Adhikari                                                                                                                       Sponsors:   DST, NBHM, IMU, ICTP.                                                                                                National/International: International.                                                                               Duration: 8/12/2003  To 13/12/2003                                                                                                      Details:   Talked on  Hilbert coefficients and depth of form rings and fiber cones.

Ø Title: First Joint AMS-India Meeting - special session in commutative Algebra.                                                                     

Organizer: J.K Verma, S.R.Ghorpade, H.Srinivasan                                                           Sponsors:   NBHM, Indian Academy of Sciences, Indian National Science Academy                                                                                               National/International: International.                                                                               Duration: 17/12/2003  To 20/12/2003.

Ø Title:    5th National Conference on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry                                                                                                               Organizer:   S. Kumaresan,Ravi A. Rao, J. K. Verma.                                                 Sponsors: NBHM, TIFR, Mumbai University.                                            National/International: National.                                                                               Duration: 1/4/2003 To 5/4/2003  


III.                           Invited Lectures  

Ghorpade S.R

Ø Venue: Institut de Mathmatiques de Luminy, Marseille, France
Title: Configuration spaces, Grassmannians and rings of invariants
National/International: International
Duration: June 2003

Ø Venue: Universit degli Studi di Perugia, Perugia, Italy
Title: Enumeration of MDS codes with applications to algebraic geometry
National/International: International
Duration: June 2003     

Ø Venue: Christian-Alberchts Universit  Kiel, Kiel, Germany
Title: Error free transmission and algebraic geometry.
National/International: International
Duration: June 2003

Ø Venue: Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
Title: Geometry and Combinatorics of Schubert varieties and determinantal varieties  National/International: International
Duration: January 2004

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics Colloquium, Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
Title: Number of points of varieties over finite fields                                     National/International: International
Duration: February 2004

Ø Venue: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Title: Grassmannians and codes                                                                      National/International: International
Duration: March 2004

Ø Venue: Pennsylvania State University, State College, USA
Title: Some inequalities for the number of points of varieties over finite fields National/International: International
Duration: March 2004

Ø Venue: R.D. National College, Bandra, Mumbai
Title: Numbers and functions
National/International: national
Duration: July 2003

Ø Venue: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Title: Combinatorial and computational aspects of Hilbert functions and Cohen Macaulayness                                                                                                   National/International: national
Duration: December 2003

Kulkarni R.P

Ø Venue: The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Title: A New Projection Method for Eigenvalue Problems and Operator Equations National/International: International
Duration: June 23rd , 2003

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, University of waikato, Waikato, New Zealand
Title: Iterative Computation of Eigenelements                                                     National/International: International
Duration: July 24th , 2003.

Mitra Amit

Ø Venue: SPJain Institute of Management Research, Mumbai, India
Title: Statistical and artificial intelligence datamining techniques and their applications in finance                                                                                                                  National/International: National
Duration: May/June , 2003.

Ø Venue: Reserve Bank of India Staff College, Chennai 
Title: Regression analysis and related econometric techniques. National/International: National
Duration: February, 2003.

Neela Nataraj

Ø Venue: Technical University, Dresden.                                                                                                    Title: (I) On some mixed finite element methods for fourth order elliptic problems.                                                                                                                            (II)   A mixed finite element method for fourth order elliptic source/eigenvalue.                                                                                           National/International: International
Duration: October 22nd To November 7th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.                                   Title: Finite Element  Methods.                                                            National/International: National
Duration: November 2003.



Pai D.V


Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, California state University                                        Title: Strong Uniqueness of best simultaneous approximation with bounded constraints                                                                                              National/International: International
Duration: May 2003.


Pani A.K

Ø Venue: Ravenshwa College, Cuttack.
Title: Financial Mathematics and Its Prospects                                      National/International: National
Duration: February 9th  , 2004.

Ø Venue: Department of Applied Mathematics, MS University, Baroda.
Title: Scientific Computing: Linear Solvers                                            National/International: National
Duration: December 2nd , 2003

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai                                            Title: Option Derivatives in Financial Market                                    National/International: National
Duration: February 16th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar
Title: A Quick Tour to the Theory of Distributions                                  National/International: National
Duration: February 10th , 2004.

Ø Venue: Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar
Title: Basic Ingredients of Sobolev Spaces                                         National/International: National
Duration: February 11th , 2004.

Puthenpurakal T.J

Ø Venue: Pune University                                                                                                       Title: Local Cohomology                                                                  National/International: National
Duration: July 7th    To 12th , 2003

Sabnis S.V

Ø Venue: Dept of Mathematics, IIT Bombay                                                                              Title: Sample Size Methodology                                                                   National/International: National
Duration: October 11th    To 16th , 2003.

Ø Venue:  Ahmednagar
Title: Case studies in Industrial Statistics                                             National/International: National
Duration: 29th October-18th November, 2003                                                                 

Ø Venue: Dept. of Mathematics University of Mumbai, Kalina, Mumbai
Title: Theory of Martingales                                                                  National/International: National
Duration: 16th February-10th March, 2004.

Ø Venue: Conceicao Rodrigues College of Engineering.
Title: Statistical Techniques for Pattern Recognition.                                                                  National/International: National
Duration: 16th February-20th March, 2004.

Sharma V.D

Ø Venue: Dept. of Mathematics, B.H.U, Varanasi
Title:  On Quasilinear hyperbolic equations/systems of PDE’s.                                                                                                         National/International: National
Duration: June, 2003.

Ø Venue: IISc, Bangalore                                                                                                             Details: International conference on Non-Linear phenomenon of waves                                                                                                         National/International: International
Duration: 5th January, 2004.                                                                                                  Title: On resonantly interacting waves.

Ø Venue: Dr. B.R Ambedkar University, Agra.                                                                              Details: National conference on Information Technology, Operations research and Computing                                                                                                         National/International: National
Duration: 10th April, 2004.                                                                                                    Title: Quasilinear hyperbolic system and associated wave phenomenon.

Shastri A.R

Ø Venue: Bangalore
Title: Topology of Matrix Varieties                                                      National/International: International
Duration: December 19th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Dept of Stat.-Math. ISI Kolkatta.
Title: Matrix Varieties                                                                             National/International: National
Duration: June 6th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Deparement of Mathematics, IIT Guhawati                                                                  Title: An Invitation to Polyhedral Topology                                          National/International: National
Duration:October 1st , 2004.

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, N.E. H. U. Shilllong
Title: Neighborhood Complexes and Chromatic Numbers                            National/International: National
Duration: October 3rd , 2003.




Srinivasan M.K

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics,University of Pune, Pune.
Title: Introduction to Combinatorial Reciprocity                                     National/International: National
Duration: July 7th To 12th  , 2003.

Subramanyam A

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai
Title: Cox, Ross, and Rubinstein Model                                               National/International: National
Duration: February 23rd To 24th , 2004.

Suresh Kumar K

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, Dr. Babasahab Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere.
Title: Z-Transforms                                                                                     National/International: National
Duration: November 23rd To 24th , 2003

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay
Title: Introduction to Probability                                                            National/International: National
Duration: October 11th To 16th , 2003

Swaminathan V.

Ø Venue:  Department of Mathematics, University of Mumbai                                        Title: Time Series Models in Finance                                                  National/International: National
Duration: February 25th To 26th , 2004

Ø Venue: Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay
Title: Introduction to Statistical Inference                                            National/International: National
Duration: October 11th To 16th , 2003

Verma J.K.

Ø Venue: Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad                                                               Title: Hilbert coefficients and depth of form rings and fiber cones      National/International: International
Duration: December 12th  , 2003

Ø Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay                                                              Title: Isometries of Eucildean spaces                                                    National/International: National
Duration: October 11th To 16th , 2003.


Ø Venue: Pune University                                                                                                    Title: Stanley’s solution of the Anand-Dumir-Gupta Conjecture National/International: National
Duration: July 7th To 12th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad                                                               Title: Invariant rings of finite groups                                                    National/International: National
Duration: January 8th To 11th , 2003.

Ø Venue: Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, TIFR, Mumbai                        Title: Regular Polyhedra and Euclid\sq s Last Proposition                      National/International: National
Duration: July 15th  , 2003.

Ø Venue: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai                                                  Title: Euclid’ s last proposition                                                            National/International: National
Duration: September 28th  , 2003.



IV.   Honorary Work


Ghorpade S.R

Member, Council of Editors, Resonance [ A Journal of Science Education
published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore], 2003 onwards.

Co-opted Member, Board of Studies in Mathematics, University of Mumbai
[2000-2005], Universtiy of Pune [2001-2006], and Shivaji University,
Kolhapur [2002-2005].

Invited participant in the Discussion Meeting about the formation of a
virtual Indo-French Institute of Mathematics (supported by the CNRS
and the Ministry of Research in France and the DST and NBHM in India),
Embassy of France in India, New Delhi, February 2004.

Joshi R.R.

Reviewer/Referee for papers submitted to the International Journals V (i) Biosilico (ii) Jnl. of Mol. Model.

External examiner for one Ph.D thesis from Pune University.

Limaye B.V

Member of the International Steering Committee of IMSE-2004 (the Eighth International Conference on Integral Methods in Science and Engineering being held at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida in August, 2004.

Mitra Amit

Examined Ph. D. Thesis and took the VIVA Voce examination of one thesis from IISC Bangalore and one from Berhampur University.

Editorial job for DEDS journal.

UGC External Member.


Neela Nataraj

Referred a Ph.D thesis.


Refereed papers for Calcolo and Journal of Sound and Vibration.



Pai D.V


Worked as a member, PAC-MS, SERC, DST, Government of India

Worked as a referee for the work of rating of a faculty member for the National Research Council of South Africa

Refereed several research projects for DST, Govt. of India.

Pani A.K

Evaluation Ph. D. Thesis from IISC Bangalore and one from Berhampur University and editorial job for DEDS Journal.

 Refereed papers for the journals: Numer. Meth. PDE, IMA J. Numer. Anal., SIAM J. Numer Anal.

 Director of UNESCO sponsored National Workshop on Industrial Mathematics and Co-ordinator of WORM-03.

Patkar Sachin

Referee for Maths of OR.

Referee for  “VLSI Design”

Prakash J

Reviewer for Zentral hlatt for Mathematik.

Referee for Proceeding Institition of Mechanical Engineers (U.K)

Referee for Transactions of ASME (USA).

Sabnis S.V.

Reviewed 2 conference papers.

Examined a Ph.D Thesis from Shivaji University.

Sharma V.D

Served as a member of the Selection committee for faculty recruitments at IIT Delhi, IGNOU (New-Delhi), NEHU (Shillong) and South Gujarat University (Surat).

Examined the Ph.D Thesis for BHU, Agra University and University of Kerala.

Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews (USA) and Zentralblatt MATH (Germany).

Shastri A.R.

Reviewed 8 papers for Math. Review.

Refereed two papers for international journals

Refereed a book for TRIM series.

Srinivasan M.K.

Referee for 1 Doctoral Thesis (University of Mumbai).

Referee for 2 Papers in International Journals.

Subramanyam A.

Refereed 1 Doctoral Thesis (Mumbai University).

Vellaisamy P.

Served as a subject expert for faculty selection in the department of
statistics, University of Pune.

Evaluated a PhD thesis from (i) Osmania University (ii) B.H.U. Varnasi.

Verma J.K.

Refreed papers for Journal of Algebra, Communications in Algebra, Proceedings of Lisbon (Spain) conference in Commutative Algebra.

Member, Mathematics Nurture Programme Committee of NBHM.

Secretary, Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools, supported by NBHM.



V.                                 Consultancies


Mitra Amit


Project Title: Testing and calibration of ANN module of XLMiner datamining software.

Sponsoring  Agency: Quantlink Solutions, Cytel Corporation                                                       Amount  generated: 54,000
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2003


Project Title: Preparing software implementation document and guidance to XLMiner team for implementation of SOM

Sponsoring  Agency: Quantlink Solutions, Cytel Corporation                                                       Amount  generated: 54,000
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2004



Patkar Sachin


Project Title: Technical description and classification of packet shaper 1500.

Sponsoring  Agency: Teledatacom
Amount  generated: 5000/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2003


Project Title: Analysis a resource allocation problem

Sponsoring  Agency: Det Norsk Veritas
Amount  generated: 25000/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2003



Sabnis S.V.


Project Title: Statistical Analysis of Entrance Test Data

Sponsoring  Agency: Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, New Mumbai
Amount  generated: 9701/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2003


Project Title: Time Seires modelling of Inventory Data.

Sponsoring  Agency: Tata Infotech
Amount  generated: 54648/-
Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2003



VI.                 Faculty Participation in Workshops/Seminars


Ghorpade S.R.


Title: Configuration spaces for point-sets and torus actions on Grassmannians     Organizer: IIT Bombay
National/International: National
Duration: April 2003
Details: 5th National Meeting on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.

Title: Mini Workshop on Curves over Finite Fields                                                                   Organizer: University of Mumbai
National/International: National
Duration: July, 2003
Details:. Zeta functions of curves over finite fields, a series of two lectures.

Mitra Amit

Title: Workshop and Seminar on Optimization and Risk Modelling (WORM-03)  Organizer: IIT Bombay                                                                                      National/International: International
Duration: 18th To 22nd  December                                                                                             Details: Part of the Organizing Committee of WORM-03.

Pani A.K.

Title: National Workshop on Wavelet Theory and Applications                                                         Organizer: Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar  National/International: National
Duration: 7th To 11th February                                                                                                       

Title: Higher Order Methods for nonlinear hyperbolic equations                                         Organizer: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge National/International: International
Duration: 26th To 30th  May                                                                                             Details: This was a part on half year long programme on Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations during 20 January to 4 July 2003 which was organised by M Ainsworth (Strathclyde), CM Elliott (Sussex), E Sli (Oxford) the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge.

Title: WEBOPT project                                                                                                           Organizer: CARISMA at Brunel University (UK)                                           National/International: International
Duration: 3rd  To 5th   June                                                                                             Details: Participated in the inaugural meeting and the workshop from June
in Brunel University (UK) under the WEBOPT project jointly
with Industrial Mathematics Group at IITB, Jadavpur University
(Kolkata), CARISMA at Brunel University (UK)
and Vienna University (Austria).

Title: 11th Oxford and Cambridge Applied Mathematics Meeting .                                    Organizer: Oxford Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Oxford University                                             National/International: International
Duration: 19th  June, 2003                                                                                                          Details: Participted in the 11th Oxford and Cambridge Applied Mathematics
Meeting held at Mathematical Institute in the Oxford University.

Title: Symposium on Mathematics Education in Primary and Secondary Schools of Orissa                                                                                                                     Organizer: A.K Pani                                                                                                               National/International: National
Duration: 8th February, 2004                                                                                                   Details: Participated and gave a general talk on secondary education in the Symposium on Mathematics Education in  Primary and Secondary Schools of Orissa.


Patkar Sachin

Title:   Workshop and Seminar on Optimization and Risk Modelling (WORM-03)                                                      Organizer: Industrial Mathematics Group, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Bombay National/International: International
Duration: 18th To 22nd  December.                                                                                            Details:    Part of the Organizing Committee of WORM-03.

Rana I.K

Title:   9th Workshop in Mathematics                                                                                          Organizer:  Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Bombay National/International: International
Duration: 11th To 16nd  October.                                                                                            Details:    Organized the Workshop.

Suresh Kumar K 

Title:   Workshop and Seminar on Optimization and Risk Modelling (WORM-03)                                                      Organizer: Industrial Mathematics Group, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Bombay National/International: International
Duration: 18th To 22nd  December.                                                                                            Details:    Part of the Organizing Committee of WORM-03.

Verma J.K

Title:  Workshop in Arithmetic Geometry                                                                            Organizer:    Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad                                                   National/International: National
Duration:23rd To 1st January.                                                                                            Details:    Member of the Organizing Committee.                                                                                              

Title:    Workshop in Mathematics                                                                                              Organizer: Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Bombay                                                      National/International: National
Duration:  1 week.                                                                                                                                   Details:  Delivered 4 lectures on Isometries of Euclidean Spaces.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Title:   Workshop in Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra                                             Organizer: University of Pune                                                                               National/International: National
Duration:  7th To 11th  July                                                                                                         Details:  Member of the Organizing Committee which was supported by DST.



Pani A.K

Professor Sankar Prasad Mishra Memorial Lecture on How to Compute a Fair Price for an Option Derivative in Financial Market : A Case Study and Its Mathematical Implications in the 31st OMS Conference held in the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar during 7th to 8th February 04.

Member of the Editorial Board of Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (DEDS) : An International Journal for Theory and Applications and International Journal of Numerical Analysis and Modelling.

Chaired a session in the eleventh conference on the Mathematics of Finite Elements and Applications (MAFELAP) held at Brunel University during 21 -24 June, 2003.

Sharma V.D

Recipient of Best Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching for the year 2003, awarded by IIT Bombay.

Appointed as a Member of the National Committee on Scientific matters related with International council of scientific union (ICSU), International union of Theoritical and Applied Mechanics and International Mathematical union by the Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.

Member of the Advisory Committee for the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS), in Fluid mechanics, Dept. of Mathematics, Bangalore University, Bangalore.















Student Intake:

M.Sc - 35

Ph.D -  6

Degrees Awarded:

M.Sc -  41

Ph.D -  5

Sponsored Projects:

Ongoing Projects (No.) -  13

Faculty Involved -  10


No. of Faculty involved -  3

Income generated -  more than 2 lakhs

Faculty / Scientific staff publications:

Books/ Chapter in Book - 2

Papers in Int ernational Journals - 23

Papers in National Journals - 2

Papers in Proceedings - 8

Faculty Participation in Conferences/ Workshops/ Seminars:

International Conference/ Workshops (abroad) - 7

International Conference/ Workshops (in India) - 9

National - 17