The Department has continued with its tradition of excellence in teaching with synergistic augmentation of research in Fundamental and Applied areas. The department is celebrating the year 2005 as "Year of Popularizing Mathematics". The major Academic and R & D activities of the current academic year include the following:


Industrial Mathematics Group:


Industrial Mathematics Group (IMG) of the department aims to develop a long term partnership with industry via Study Group Meetings, Workshops, Inhouse Programme and Industry - IIT Meets.


Apart from an ongoing European Union Funded ASIA IT project on WEBOPT (Web Enabled Optimization Tools and Industrial Deployment) with partners from CARISMA, Brunel University, UK, University of Vienna (Austria), Jadavpur University, Kolkata and IITB, IMG  is also a partner of an ONGC sponsored project titled `Physical and Numerical Models for Unconventional Flood Patterns' of amount 2.16 crores. 


During the Year 2004-05 the group had a few rounds of discussion with RBI, Govt. of India and HDFC on a possible interaction in the areas of quantitative finance, with Managing Director from Countrywide Security Corporation and with CEO and its group from Zafin Labs on possible collaboration in terms of joint projects. IMG had a brain storming session with the President-Worldwide Research and Technology and its group from Michelin Tyre Company (France) for possible sponsorship on research and also for hiring  mathematicians from India.


During the academic year 2004-2005, IMG in collaboration with Oxford Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (OCIAM) UK,  organised an Indo-UK Study Group Meeting on Industrial Problems during December 06-10, 2004 under India-UK Science Network Programme. It  also hosted an International Conference on Recent Trends in Nonlinear Analysis and Its Applications during December 11-13, 2004.


As a part of IMG activity, a year long programme on Computational Partial Differential Equations (CPDE-05) with an objective of bringing together  experts working in this area and of developing awareness  in the Mathematics Departments in the country is presently going on.  


Year Long Programme on Computational Partial Differential Equations (CPDE- 05):


Industrial Mathematics Group (IMG) in the Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay is presently hosting a year-long programme on ``Computational Partial Differential Equations'' starting from January, 2005. The focus of this programme is to bring together experts working on this area, to develop awareness amongst the mathematical community in our country, to train campus community in effective use of public domain computational tools and to encourage  young researchers and students from our country to participate in the year long activities. Main emphasis is on the recent advances in the development of new methodologies and solution strategies employed in Computational PDEs in solving physically relevant and mathematically hard problems. The list of speakers included Prof. S. Kesavan, IMT, Chennai; Prof. C. Carstensen, Humboldt University, Germany; Prof. Vidar Thomee, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden; Prof. Francois Coulouvert from Pierre et Marie Curie Univ. France.



Year long Programme on Homological Methods in Commutative Algebra:


During the academic year 2004-05, the members of the research group in commutative algebra organized several activities. Distinguished lecture series were organized. The following mathematicians visited the department and delivered series of lectures: Prof. S. M. Bhatwadekar, TIFR, Mumbai, Dr. V. Trivedi, TIFR, Mumbai, Prof. R. A. Rao, TIFR, Mumbai, Prof. B. Singh, IIT Bombay, Prof. T. Puthenpurakal, IIT Bombay, Prof. A. R. Shastri, IIT Bombay, Mr. A. Bhattacharya, TIFR, Mumbai, Dr. A. V. Jayanthan, HRI, Allahabad, Dr. Clare D'Cruz, CMI, Chennai, Prof. J. Herzog, University of Essen-Duisberg, Germany.


Year long Programme on Mathematics Education and Awareness:


During the period January 2005- March 2005 the following activities were organized: Lecture by Prof. M.S. Raghunathan titled “Mathematics, the Queen of Sciences”, “Mathematica in Math Education” by R. Knopp, Wolfram Labs.


Academic Programmes:


Besides the teaching of B. Tech. Courses, the department offers M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes along with its research activity.  It has two distinct M.Sc. programmes.  M.Sc. in Mathematics (intended for those who wish to pursue research and/or teaching as their career) and M.Sc. in Applied Statistics and Informatics (ASI). This job oriented programme that began in 1997, has been a success  and a trend setter for some other IITs.


In addition, the Department has a research programme leading to Ph.D. degree.  This programme has a broad based course work and specialization in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing and Statistics.


 R & D Activities


The key objectives of the research and development activities of the department are: Basic Research, focusing in contemporary areas of fundamental, developmental and strategical importance and Interdisciplinary Research, aiming at development of multidisciplinary research teams involving mathematicians and scientists/engineers in frontier areas of Mathematics and Statistics. Academic & Research Interaction of the Department has further expanded with leading R & D institutions like TIFR, IISc, ISI, ISRO, DRDO, ONGC, Indian Meteorological Centers, etc., and Foreign Universities like Brunel (U.K), Humboldt University, Berlin, Technical University, Dresden, INSA, Toulouse (France) and nodal organizations such as CSIR, DAE, DBT, DST, etc., for scientific exchange of ideas of national importance.  In order to fulfill the broad objectives of research activities, steps are taken to ensure that the theoretical base in emerging areas are strengthened, interdisciplinary problems requiring mathematical solutions are identified, interaction between Indian and overseas scientists are facilitated, local talents are well nurtured through lecture series and instructional workshops and by evolving a pool of trained manpower in thrust areas.


The Department has 25 core and 2 adjunct faculty members.


The research interests of the faculty members cover a wide range of fields:




v     Algebraic Geometry

v     Algebraic Topology

v     Applied Probability,

v     Approximation Algorithms

v     v Bio-Statistics Combinatorial Optimization

v     Combinatorics

v     Commutative Algebra

v     Computational Biology. & Bio-informatics

v     Functional Analysis

v     Geo-Statistics

v     Harmonic Analysis

v     Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

v     Industrial Mathematics & Financial Mathematics

v     Inference of Stochastic processes & Statistical Inference

v     Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

v     Number Theory

v     Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing

v     Optimization & Control

v     Partial Differential Equation 

v     Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems of PDE’s and Non-Linear waves.

v     Reliability theory and Industrial Statistics

v     Riemannian Geometry

v     Statistical Signal Processing

v     Stochastic Differential Game Theory


Faculty members undertake projects sponsored by organizations such as National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Indian National Science Academy (INSA), Board of Research in Nuclear Science (BRNS), Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). Some


of the important ongoing and recently completed projects are listed below:





Sponsored Projects

Joshi R.R.


Project Title: Software Development for Ab-initio Prediction of 3D structure of Proteins using Knowledge-Based Nonparametric Regression.

Sponsoring  Agency: Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India.
Amount generated: Rs.11.76 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003
End  Year: 2006

Natraj, N.


Project Title: A parallel mixed finite element implementation of IV order elliptic source/ eigenvalue problems in distributed memory environments.

Sponsoring  Agency: IRCC
Amount  generated: Rs. 3 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003

End Year: 2005


Pani A.K. and Patkar Sachin


Project Title: WebOPT

Sponsoring  Agency: European Union ASIA-ITC
Amount  generated: Rs. 40 lakhs

Beginning  Year: 2003 
End  Year: 2005


Pani A. K., Mitra S.K and Vinjamur M.


Project Title: Physical and Numerical Models for Un-conventional  Flood Patterns

Sponsoring  Agency: Institute of Reservoir Studies, Ahmedabad (ONGC)
Amount  generated: Rs.2.16 crores
Beginning  Year:  2004
End  Year: 2007

Subramanyam A and Suresh Kumar K.

Project Title: Stochastic Modelling, Analysis and Optimization of resource allocation.

Sponsoring  Agency: ISPC
Amount  generated: Rs. 5.7 lakhs
Beginning  Year: 2003             
End  Year: 2005

Rana Inder K.

Project Title: Preparation of E-Modules.

Sponsoring  Agency: MHRD
Amount  generated: Rs. 1.6 lakhs

Beginning  Year: 2003
End  Year: 2005


Project Title: 10th Workshop in Mathematics

Sponsoring Agency: DST
Amount  generated: Rs.1.5 lakhs

Beginning  Year: 2004
End  Year: 2005


Project Title: NPTEL. (jointly with CDEEP)

Sponsoring Agency: MHRD
Amount  generated: Rs.

Beginning  Year: 2003
End  Year: 2006

Sabnis S.V.


Project Title: Study of Optimal Reliability Test Plans

Sponsoring Agency: DST

Amount generated: Rs. 6.43 lakhs

Beginning Year: 2002 

End Year: 2005


Sharma V.D.


Project Title: Analytical and numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws with applications.

Sponsoring  Agency: CSIR
Amount  generated: ~ Rs.7 Lakhs
Beginning  Year:2003
End  Year: 2005



Pani A.K.


Project Title: Enhanced Oil Recovery

Sponsoring  Agency: ONGC

Amount generated: Rs. 4,50,000/-

Beginning  Year: 2004

End Year: 2007


Patkar Sachin


Project Title: Issues in VLSI Partitioning

Sponsoring  Agency: SoftJin India

Amount generated: Rs. 5,50,000/-

Beginning  Year: 2004

End Year: 2005


Project Title: Algorithmic Investigation of Simulator Accelerator

Sponsoring  Agency: Powai labs

Amount generated: Rs. 1,50,000/-

Beginning  Year: 2004

End Year: 2005


Sabnis S.V.


Project Title: Statistical modelling of Airline Data.

Sponsoring  Agency: Kale Consultancy, Mumbai

Amount generated: Rs. 49,986/-

Beginning  Year: 2003 

End Year: 2005


Project Title: Development of Design of Experiments related subroutine.

Sponsoring Agency: Asian PPG Industries Limited

Amount generated: Rs. 15,000/-

Beginning Year: 2004

End Year: 2005


Project Title: Discrete Choice Modelling

Sponsoring Agency: TNS India Pvt. Limited

Amount generated: Rs.95,000/-

Beginning Year: 2004

End Year: Ongoing 




Extension  Activities




The faculty is actively involved in various programmes of  popularizing  of mathematics and training in Mathematics such as NBHM sponsored nurture programme, Ganit Utsav organized by Bombay Mathematical Colloquium and popular lectures at Nehru Science Centre, to name a few.


Another important activity in this direction is the Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics a joint activity of Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay and Bombay Mathematical Colloquium.


This was started in 1997 by the Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay. Forty lectures have been held under this series so far on diverse topics in mathematics.


The lectures are aimed at a wide spectrum of audience. Besides mathematicians, we also invite scientists and engineers who apply mathematics in research and development in their areas. The speakers are instructed to start from the basics and build their lectures so that beginners as well as experts can benefit. The series has become extremely popular among students and faculty at IIT and college teachers in Mumbai.


Workshops and Conferences Organized by the Department:


Organizer:  Prof. Inder K. Rana


10th Workshop in Mathematics sponsored by DST. The Workshop aims to motivate Young Students for higher studies in Mathematics. About 40 students participated in the Workshop.


Organizer: Prof. A.K. Pani


Indo-Uk Study Group Meeting on Industrial Problems:

IMG and OCIAM, UK  hosted a 5-day Study Group Meeting at IITB, December 06-10, 2004, under the auspices of India-UK Science Network programme. This meeting was

sponsored by DST and Royal Society (UK).


International  Conference on  Recent  Trends in  Nonlinear Analysis and Its Applications, December 11-13, 2004 ( CNAA- 2004 ): The Industrial Mathematics Group hosted an international Conference on Recent Trends in Nonlinear Analysis and Its Applications during December 11-13, 2004. The main emphasis of this conference was on the applications of nonlinear analysis to ordinary & partial differential equations, control & optimizations, approximation theory & variational inequalities, fixed point theory & multivalued analysis and scientific computing






CEP Workshops


Prof. Sabnis S.V.


Conducted a two-day in-house CEP workshop on "Statistical Process Control- Basic Awareness Programme" for Crompton Greaves during December 21-22, 2004.


Acted as one of the resource persons for a workshop on “Design of Experiments” conducted for a group of scientists from Onida Research Center in April 2004.


Acted as one of the resource persons for a SAS Workshop held at Department of Statistics, University of Pune during October 1-2, 2004.



Workshops and Conferences Organized outside the Department.


Organizer: Prof. J.K. Verma


Conducted a 3 week long workshop and an international conference, “School on Commutative Algebra and Interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics” in International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy during 24th May to 11th June 2004. It was co-organized with C. Huneke, Kansas, USA, A. Simis, Pernambuco, Brazil, B. Sturmfels, Berkeley, USA, N.V. Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam, G. Valla, Genoa, Italy, Ramadas T. Ramkrishnan, ICTP, Italy.





13 July, 2004

Prof. Upendra Kulkarni, Truman State University Kirksville, USA

Modular and Integral representations of GLn


30 July, 2004

Dr. Vrushali A Bokil, North Carolina State University, USA

A Computational and statistical framework for multidimensional domain acoustooptic interrogation.


30 July, 2004

Dr. Ravi Raghunathan, TIFR Bombay

Converse theorems, Zero and poles of L-functions


18 August, 2004

Dr. Urmie Ray, Universite de Reims, France

Bocherds-Kac-Moody Lie algebras and denominator formulas


27 August, 2004

Dr. Swagata Nandi, University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Sinusoidal Frequency Model and chirp signal model



8 September, 2004

Dr. Radha Mohan, St. Stephens College, New Delhi

Inetgrally Closed Modules, reductions and cores.


28 September, 2004

Professor Kishore Sinha, Birla Agricultural University, Ranchi

Balanced and Partially Balanced Designs


25 October, 2004

Prof. Arun Bagchi, University of Twente, Netherlands

Stochastic system Theory.


1 November, 2004

Dr. V.V.K.Srinivas Kumar, IIT Knapur

Web-Spline method for the Navier Stokes Problem.


18 November, 2004

Bruno Poizat, Universite Claude Bernard- Lyon

Computations over an Arbitary Structure.


17 December, 2004

Prof. P.N.Kaloni, University of Windsor, Canada

Stability Problems in Magnetic Fluids


14 December, 2004

Prof. Anand Srivastav, Universitaet zu Kiel, Germany

Geometric Discrepancies in High Dimensional Integration.


21 December, 2004

Prof. Jitesh Gajjar, Manchester University, Manchester

Numerical Solutions of the Navier- Stokes equations for the flow in a Cylindrical Cascade.


30 December, 2004

Dr. Rama Misra, IIT Delhi

Polynomial Knots and their Degree Sequence.


3 January, 2005

Dr. M.N.N. Namboodiri, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin

Spectral Gaps of Self-Adjoint Operators.


7 January, 2005

Prof. N. Rao Chaganty, Old Dominion University, USA

Bivariate Models for identifying Differentially Expressed Genes in Micro array Experiments


11 January,2005

Prof. Gerard Ioose, Institut Non Linéaire de Niec, France

Existence of standing gravity waves in deep water.


13 January,2005

Prof. S. Kesavan, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Saint Venant Revisited


13 January, 2005

Prof. S. Kabadi, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Multipath Flows: Analysis, Realizability and Network Synthesis problems


19 January, 2005

Prof. Shreeram S. Abhyankar, Purdue University, USA

Resolution of Singularities and Modular Galois Theory.


Jan 20, 2005

Prof. R.L. Karandikar, ISI, Delhi.

An Invitation to Cryptography


27th January, 2005

Professor Vidar Thomee, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Parabolic finite Element Equations in Nonconvex Polygonal Domains


11 February, 2005

Mr. Amitava Bhattacharya, TIFR Mumbai

Introduction to Polytopes


23 February, 2005

Prof. J. Herzog, University of Essen- Duisburg

Grobner bases in Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics


25 February, 2005

Dr. A.V. Jayanthan, HRI, Allahabad

Grobner bases and Initial Ideals


28 February, 2005

Prof. P.N. Rathie, University of Brazil

Renyi’s entropy and Tail Probabilities.


2 March, 2005

Dr. Clare D’Cruz, CMI, Chennai

Regularity of Ideals I


24 March, 2005

Prof. Francois Coulouvrat, Universit Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Diffraction of nonlinear waves : numerical simulation and applications

List of Faculty and Specializations


      Athavale Ameer (Professor- VF)

 Functional  Analysis


Ghorpade Sudhir R.   (Professor)

Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics


Joshi K. D. (Professor)

Topology, Discrete Mathematics


Joshi R. R.  (Professor)

Computational Biology and Biostatistics, Bioinformatics


Kulkarni Rekha P. (Professor)

Numerical Functional Analysis, Spline Theory


Limaye Balmohan V.  (Professor)

Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Spectral Approximation


Mitra Amit  (Assistant Professor)

Statistical Signal Processing


Nataraj Neela (Assistant Professor)

Finite Element methods


Pai Devidas V.  (Adjunct Professor)

Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory, Set-valued Analysis


Pani Amiya K. (Professor)

Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Industrial  Mathematics


Patkar Sachin B.   (Associate Professor)

Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms


Prakash J. (Professor)



Puthenpurakal T.J  (Senior Lecturer)

Commutative Algebra


Rana Inder K. (Professor)

Harmonic Analysis, Mathematics Education


Ranjan Akhil (Professor)          

Differential Geometry


Raghunathan Ravi (Assistant Professor)

Automorphic forms, Number Theory


Sabnis S. V. (Associate Professor)

Reliability Theory, Industrial Statistics


      Saikia Anupam (Assistant Professor)

      Number Theory


Sharma V.D.  (Professor)

Quasilinear Hyperbolic Systems of PDEs/ Nonlinear Waves


Shastri A. R. (Professor)

Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology


      Sivaramakrishnan Sivasubramanian (Senior Lecturer)

     Polyhedral Combinatorics, Approximation Algorithms


Srinivasan Anitha (Senior Lecturer)

Number Theory


Srinivasan G. K. (Assistant Professor)

Partial Differential Equations


Srinivasan M. K. (Professor)



Subramanyam  A. (Associate Professor)

Statistical Inference, Geostatistics


Sureshkumar K.  (Assistant Professor)

Stochastic Differential Game Theory, Mathematical Finance.


Vellaisamy P.  (Professor)

Applied Probability, Statistical Inference, Industrial Statistics


Verma J. K.   (Professor)

Commutative Algebra



Publications in Books


Pai D.V.

Haussdorff Strong Uniqueness in Simultaneos Approximation. Part I, in " Approximation Theory XI Gatlinburg 2004", C. K. Chui, M. Neamtu and L. L. Schumaker(eds.),101 118, Nashboro Press, Brentwood, TN, USA, 2005.


(with Indira K.)


On Well-Posedness of Some Problems in Approximation Theory, in "Advances in Constructive Approximation",  M. Neamtu and E. B. Saff(eds.), Nashboro Press

Brentwood, TN,USA,  2004, 371-392


(wirh Indira K.)



Srinivasan M.K.

A Polytope in Hypergraph Theory, in Combinatorial Optimization, Narosa publishing House, 2004, 139-150



Publication in Journals




Athavale Ameer

On a class of alternatingly hyperexpansive subnormal weighted shifts, Irish Math. Soc. Bulletin 53 (2004), pp. 35-52.


(with A. Ranjekar, V.M. Sholapurkar)


Joshi R.R.

Yagyopathic Herbal  treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis symptoms – A clinical Trial. Alt. Compl. Therap.  2004, Vol. 10(2), pp. 101-105.


(with M. Raghuvanshi, P. Pandya)


A Biostatistical Approach to AyurvedaQunatifying the Tridosha, Jnl. Alt. Comp. med. 2004, Vol. 10(5), pp. 879-889.


Kulkarni R.P.

Approximate Solution of Multivariable Integral Equations of the Second Kind,  Journal of Integral Equations and Applications, 16(2004), 343-374.


Spectral Refinement using a New Projection Method, ANZIAM J, 46(2004), 343-374.


(with N. Gnaneshwar)



Limaye B.V.

Computation of Spectral Subspaces for Weakly Singular Operators, Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization, Vol.25, pp 1-14 (2004).


(with M. Ahues)


Mitra Amit

"Time series lag selection using genetic algorithms", Advances and Applications in Statistics, Vol. 4(2), 233-251, 2004.


(with Ashok K. Nag)


"Forecasting business cycle movements using wavelet filtering and neural networks", , Finance India, Vol 18(2), 1605-1626, 2004.


(with Sharmishtha Mitra)


"Detecting multidimensional outliers from large datasets using self-organizing maps", , Computational Statistics, 2, 2005.


(with Ashok K. Nag, Sharmishtha Mitra)


Nataraj Neela

A parallel mixed finite element implementation of fourth order plate bending problems in distributed memory environments. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 163, 253-274  (2005).


(with Kshitij Kulsreshtha, Michael Jung)


Performance of a parallel mixed finite element implemenatation for fourth   order clamped anisotropic plate bending problems in distributed memory environments, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 155,  753-777 (2004).


(with Kshitij Kulsreshtha, Michael Jung)


Pai D.V.

On well-Posedness of some problems in approximation, Journal of Indian Math. Soc. 70 (2003), 1-16.


Pani A.K.

An H^1-Galerkin mixed method for second order hyperbolic equations,  International J. Numer. Anal &  Modeling, 1 (2004) pp.111-130.


(with Rajen K. Sinha,  Ajaya K. Otta).


Higher order fully discrete scheme combined with H^1-Galerkin mixed finite element method for semilinear reaction-diffusion equations, J. Applied Mathematics and Computing, 15, (2004), pp. 1-28


(with S. Arul Veda Manickam,  Kannan M. Moudgalya)


Sliding motion and stability of a class of discontinuous dynamical systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, 37 (2004), pp. 151-168.


(with Jyoti Agrawal,  Kannan M. Moudgalya)


A second order splitting lumped mass finite element method for the Rosenau equation, Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, 12 (2004), pp. 331-351.  

(with Sang K. Chung)


Orthogonal cubic spline collocation method for the extended Fisher-Kolmogorov equation, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 174 (2005), pp. 101-117


(with P.Dhanumjaya)


A qualocation method for unidimensional single phase Stefan problem, IMA J. Numer. Anal. 25 (2005), pp.139-159


(with L. Jones Doss)


Rana Inder K.

On the continuity of the associated  interval function,  Journal of Real Analysis Exchange, (29) 2003/04, No.2


Sharma V.D.

Energy dissipated across shocks in weak solutions of conservation laws, Studies in Applied Mathematics (MIT, USA), volume 112, pp. 281-291, 2004.


(with G.K. Srininvasan)


Imploding cylindrical and spherical shock waves in a non-ideal medium, Journal of Hyperbolic Differential Equations, (World Scientific; New Jersey / London), volume 1, pp. 521-530, 2004.


(with Madhumita G)


Sivaramakrishnan S.

“On approximating the isoperimetric number of strongly regular Graphs” to appear in the Electronic journal of Linear Algebra.



Srinivasan Anitha

Solutions of some Generalized Ramanujan- Nagell Equations, to appear in Indagationes Mathematicae


(with N. Saradha)


Srinivasan G.K.

Implosion time for converging  Cylindrical and Spherical shells, Z. Angew. Math. Phy. , Vol 55, (2004), pp. 974-982.


(with V.D. Sharma)


Srinivasan M.K.

On the quotients of posets, with an application to the q- analog of the Hypercube, European Journal of Combinatorics 25 (2004) 675-683.


Subramanyam A

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(with Pandalai H.S)


Tests of Independence in a bivariate exponential distribution, Metrika 61, 2005, pp. 47-62.


(with Usha A. Kumar)


Suresh Kumar K.

A nonzero-sum Stochastic differential game in the orthant, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol. 305, Issue 1, 2005, pp.158-174


(with M.K Ghosh)


Vellaisamy P.V.

Poisson Approximation for (K1, K2)- events via the Steni-Chen method, Journal of Applied Probability, 41, 1081-1092.


Verma J.K.

Cohen-Macaulay fiber cones of almost minimal multiplicity, Nagoya J. Math. 177(2005), 155-179.


 (with A. V. Jayanthan)




Papers in Proceedings




Mitra Amit

"Frequency estimation of signal processing models using genetic algorithms",

Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Statsiitcs, IIT Kanpur, January 2005.


(with Debasis Kundu)


"Relationship between money, output and price: revisited using wavelet  filtering", Proceedings of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Statsiitcs, IIT Kanpur, January 2005.


(with Sharmishtha Mitra)


Neela Natraj

A Mixed Finite Element Method for Fourth Order Eigenvalue Problems PAMM, Volume 4, Issue 1, Date: December 2004, Pages: 358-359.


Pani A.K.

Industrial Mathematics, Proceedings of the International Conference on Industrial Mathematics, 2002 (toappear).


 (with Mohan C. Joshi, Sanjeev Sabnis)



On complete Partitions of Graphs, “Symposium on Discrete Algorithms”, 2005.


(with Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Magnus Halldorsson, Guy Kortsarz)




Presentation / Participation in Conferences/ Symposia.





Athavale Ameer

Title: Functional Analysis and its Applications

Organizer: Sardar Patel University, Gujarat

Duration: March 14-16, 2005.

Details: Presented an invited talk on “Sectorial Forms and Unbounded Subnormals”.


Ghorpade S.R.

Title: S. K Malik Memorial Chandigarh Mathematics Colloquium

Organizer: Punjab University

Duration: February 11-12, 2005

Details: Delivered Lecture on “Geometric and Combinatorial Aspects of Coding Theory”.


Title: Symposium on Algebraic Groups in honour of V.Lakshmibai.

Organizer: Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai

Duration: January 8,  2005

Details: Participated


Joshi K.D.

Duration: February 3-4, 2005.

Details: Delivered 2 lectures on “Quaternionic Approach to SU_2” at Karnatak Vishwavidyalaya, Dharwad


Title: Recent Trends in Analysis

Organizer: Karnatak Vishwavidyalaya, Dharwad

Duration: March 18, 2005.

Details: Presented an invited talk on “Fibonacci Numbers in Analysis”.



Joshi R.R.

Title: National Symposium on Recent Trends in Molecular and Medical Biophysics

Organizer: IBS, Pune

Duration: 22-25 Feb, 2005

Details: Talked on Statistical Computational Approach to Function-Elucidation Predicted Structure of an EF-hand Ca2+ Binding Protein.


Limaye B.V.

Title:   Conference on Functional Analysis and its Applications.

Organizer: Sardar Patel University

Duration: March 14-16, 2005

Details: Delivered lecture on Continuity and Countable Subadditivity of a Seminorm.


Pani A.K.

Title: Scientific Computing: Linear Solvers

Organizer:  AISMS College of Engineering,

Duration: December 16, 2004.

Details: Delivered 2 hours talk on `Scientific Computing: Linear Solvers.


Title:  Surprises in Mathematics and Their Applications

Organizer:  UGC

Duration: January 17,2005.

Details: Industrial Mathematics: A Key to Key Technologies


Sharma V.D.

Title: Workshop on Optical Communications

Organizer:  Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, VES Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Details: Delivered the Inaugral address.


Shastri A.R.

Title: Annual Foundation School – I, Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Bombay.

Organizer: NBHM

Duration: May  2004

Details: Delivered  6 Lectures in Differential Topology.



Title: Annual Foundation School – II, HRI, Allahabad.

Organizer: NBHM

Duration: December,  2004

Details: Delivered 9 Lectures on Algebraic Topology..



Srinivasan M.K.

Title:   Workshop on Algebraic Graph theory.

Organizer: IIT Guwahati

Duration: December, 2004




Suresh Kumar K.

Title: 19th  Annual Conference of Ramanujan Mathematical Society

Organizer: Dept. of Mathematics, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra

Duration: July 21-24,  2004

Details: Delivered Lectures on Portfolio Optimization problems.


Verma J.K.

Title: R. P. Stanley's solution of the ADG conjecture, National symposium in memory of Hans-Raj Gupta, Punjab University, Chandigarh,

Organizer: Punjab University

Duration: 19-20 November, 2004


Title: Annual Foundation School II, HRI Allahabad.

Organizer: NBHM

Duration: 3-15 December, 2004.

Details: Delivered Six lectures on Noetherian rings and modules


Title: Hilbert functions and magic squares

Organizer: IIT Delhi

Duration: 22 November, 2004


Title: Annual Foundation School-I Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,

Organizer: NBHM

Duration: 17-22 May, 2004

Details: Delivered lectures on Topics in Galois theory,




Joshi K.D.

Title: Conference on Discrete Mathematics and its Applications

Organizer: Devi Amritha Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore

Duration: 9-11 December, 2004.

Details: Chaired a panel discussion on Discrete Mathematics.


Pai D.V.

Title: 11th International Conference in Approximation Theory .

Organizer:  NSF, Army Research office and Vanderbilt University

Duration: May 18-22, 2004

Details: Delivered Research talk entitled Hausdorff strong uniqueness in simultaneous approximation of 20 minutes duration. 


Pani A.K.

Title: Conference on Complex Systems, Control  and Optimizations  .

Organizer:  Northeastern University, Shenyang (China)

Duration: August 8-12, 2004

Details:  Plenary Talk on Oldroyd Model in Viscoelestic Fluid Flow Problems:

Some Theoretical and computational Issues




Title: Indo-French  Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Applications  

Organizer:  IISc Bangalore

Duration: February 07-12, 2005

Details:  Delivered 45 minutes  invited talk entitled ` A New Mixed Finite Element Method for Evolution Equations: An Old Wine in a New Bottle'


Patkar Sachin B.

Title: APMOD 2004 (at London)

Organizer:  Brunel University, U.K.

Duration: June 2004

Details: Presented paper on Multidimensional Scheduling.


Rana Inder K.

Title: 10th International Congress on Mathematics Education

Organizer: International Mathematics Union

Duration: July 2004.

Details: Made a presentation on the development of E-course.


Sabnis S.V.

Title: International Conference on the Future of Statistical Theory, Practice and Education

Organizer: Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Duration: December 29, 2004- January 1, 2005

Details: Gave an invited talk on Estimation and Construction of Bounds using r th Best Prototype


Shastri A.R.

Title: International AMS-India meeting, I.I.Sc. Bangalore


Duration: May 2004.

Details: Presented a paper on Topology of Matrix Varieties.


Title: International workshop on Low Dimensional Topology, I.S.I, Bangalore.

Organizer: I.S.I Bangalore.

Duration: September 2004

Details: Delivered 4 lectures on Topology of open Algebraic Surfaces.


Joseph Tony

Title: Commutative Algebra and Interactions with Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics

Organizer:  ICTP, Italy.

Duration: June 7-11,  2004



Vellaisamy P.

Title:  International Conference on Reliability Statistics and Related areas.

Organizer: IIM, Kozhikode

Duration: January 7-9, 2005


Invited lectures


Ghorpade S.R.


"On the number of solutions of equations over finite fields'', Colloquium talk, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, April 2004.


 "Linear Codes, Schubert Varieties and Enumerative Combinatorics'',   Colloquium talk, State University of New York at Albany, USA, May 2004.


"Rational points of varieties over finite fields'', Algebra Seminar, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, May 2004.


 "Linear codes, Schubert varieties and enumerative combinatorics'', Geometry - Algebra - Singularities - Combinatorics (GSAC) Seminar, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, May 2004.


 "Varieties, codes and combinatorics'', Idaho State University,  Pocatello, USA, May 2004.


 "Coding Theory'', A series of three lectures, Workshop on Coding Theory, Mathematical Sciences Institute, Postgraduate Centre of  Karnataka University, Belgaum, November 2004.


 "Algebraic Geometry for Scientists and Engineers'', K.L.E. College of Enginnering and Technology, Belgaum, November 2004.


 "Codes, enumeration and varieties over finite fields'', Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, December 2004.


Kulkarni R.P.


Approximate Solution of Operator Equations, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, 27th October 2004.


A Superconvergence Result for Solutions of Compact Operator Equations, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, 19th November 2004.


A Superconvergence Result for Solutions of Second Kind Integral Equations, Technische Universitat, Dresden, Germany, 30th November 2004.


Approximate Solution of Integral Equations, Jean Monet University, Saint Etienne,

France, 11th February 2005.


Limaye B.V.


Invited lecture at the University of California, Irvine (USA) on “Continuity of Countably Subadditive Seminorms” on April 6th, 2004.


Mathematics Colloquium at California state University, Los-Angeles on “Numerical Approximation of Eigen values” on April 26th , 2004.


Pai D.V.

Colloquium lecture entitled “Strong unicity in Simultaneous Approximations at Facultaat Mathematische, Catholische Universitaet, Eichstaet, Germany May 26, 2004.


Pani A.K.

A series of eight Lectures (each one and half hours) on Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods in the Department of Mathematics , Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad during February 21-25,2005.


Gave a talk to B.Sc. students on `Why should Industry Hire Mathematicians' in the Maulana Azad College,Aurangabad on February 22, 2005.


Gave a talk on `Industrial Mathematics: A Case Study' under lecture series on Development in Graduate Level Masthematics, held in Jawaharlal Nehru Enginering College, Aurangabad,  on February 25,2005,organised by Marathwada  Mathematical Society.


Sabnis S.V.

Acted as one of the Resource Persons for a workshop on "Design of Experiments" conducted for a group of scientists from Onida research Center in April,2004.


Acted as one of the resource persons for a SAS workshop held at Dept. of Statistics, University of Pune during October 1-2,2004. 


Delivered 8 lectures on "Sample Size Methodology" in the DST sponsored Workshop during November 2-9, 2004. 


Gave one invited talk at K.C. College on "Applications of Statistics in Industry" on 13th December, 2004.


Sharma V.D.


Delivered an invited lecture at the Fourth World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts – 2004, organized by the  Florida Institute of Technology held at Orlando, Florida (July 3, 2004).


Delivered an invited lecture at the International Conference on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics held at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad (December 3, 2004).





Patkar Sachin B.


Patent filed based on R & D work at Powai Labs, Mumbai. Simulator Accelerator “IMAGE”.


Honorary work


Athavale Ameer

Reviewer for “Mathematical Reviews”


Ghorpade S.R.


Member, Council of Editors, Resonance, A Journal of Science Education  published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.


Co-opted Member, Board of Studies in Mathematics: University of Mumbai [2000-2005], University of Pune [2001-2006] and Shivaji University, Kolhapur [2002--2005]


Editor (with J. K. Verma and H. Srinivasan), Contemporary Mathematics volume on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, American Mathematical Society.


 Reviewer for Zentralblatt MATH


Joshi R.R.


Referee for papers submitted to "Nucleic Acid Research" and  "BioSilico"

Reviewer for projects submitted to DBT and DST.

Member of the selection committee in University of Pune.


Limaye B.V.

Member of the Selection committees for faculty recruitment at various IIT’s.


Pai D.V.


Appointed as a Member, Programme Advisory Committee(PAC)- Mathematical Sciences, SERC, DST, Govt. of India


Appointed as a Member, Scientific Committee-Indian side of Indo-French Institute of Mathematics(IFIM) by DST, Govt. of India.


Examined a Ph.D. thesis from IIT Madras.


Pani A.K.


Referee job for IMA J. Numer. Anal, Numer. Meth. PDEs, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics,  Indian J. Pure and Applied Mathematics, SIAM J Numer Anal etc.


Examined Ph. D. Theses: one from Berhampur University, one from IIT

Kanpur, One from IIT Madras.


Patkar Sachin B.


Member of Expert Committee for deigning Curriculum at IGNOU


Refree for Maths of OR, IPL.


Nataraj Neela


Reviewer for Calcolo, Journal of The Indian Institute of  Science


Sabnis S.V.


Acted as one of the Resource Persons for a workshop on "Design of Experiments" conducted for a group of  scientists from Onida research Center in April,2004.


Acted as one of the resource persons for a SAS workshop held at Dept. of Statistics, University of Pune during October 1-2,2004. 


Examined one Ph.D. thesis from Nagpur University.


Evaluated one research proposal for DST.



Sharma V.D.


Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews (USA) and Zentralblatt MATH (Germany).

Examined Ph.D. Thesis submitted to ISI Calcutta and IIT Kharagpur.


Served as a member of the Selection Committee for faculty recruitment at University of Hyderabad and NIT Jalandhar (Punjab)



Shastri A.R.


Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews


Srinivasan M.K.


Referee for research papers


Verma J.K.


Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews


Editor (with S.R. Ghorpade and H. Srinivasan), Contemporary Mathematics volume on Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry, American Mathematical Society.


Secretary for the NBHM supported Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools

Member of the Nurture Programme committee of the NBHM.

Member of Board of studies of University of Baroda

Member, Council of Editors, Resonance, A Journal of Science Education  published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

Member, Coordinating committee for China-India-Vietnam network for Commutative Algebra of ICTP, Italy.



Significant Awards and Distinctions


Pani A.K.


Plenary Speaker in the International Conference on Complex Systems and  Optimization, held in Northeastern University,  Shenyang (China) during August, 2004.


Member of the Editorial Board: Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems :  An International Journal; International J. Numer. Anal & Modeling.


Inagaurated the UGC sponsored conferences on `Surprises in Mathematics and Their Applications, held in Vivekananda College, Chembur during January 17, 2005.


Sharma V.D.


Nominated as a Member of the Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics.


Nominated as a Member of the Sectional Committee of INSA (New Delhi) to assess nomination for election as INSA Fellow for a term of 3 years beginning January 2005.


Nominated as a Member of Technical Advisory Committee for the Physics and Earth Sciences Divisions, ISI Calcutta.