Algebra and Number Theory
U. K. AnandavardhananAutomorphic Forms, Representation theory of p-adic groups
Shripad M. GargeAlgebraic groups and related structures
Ananthnarayan HariharanCommutative Algebra
M. K. KeshariCommutative algebra, Projective modules
T. J. PuthenpurakalBlowup algebras, Hilbert functions
Ravi RaghunathanAutomorphic Forms, L-functions, Converse Theorems
Preeti RamanNumber Theory
J. K. VermaHilbert functions, Blowup Algebras, Local Cohomology
A. AthavaleOperator Theory, Unbounded Subnormals, Hilbert modules
Bata Krishna DasNoncommutative probability, Operator algebras, Multivariable Operator Theory.
Santanu DeyMultivariable operator theory, C* and von Neumann algebras, Noncommutative probability
R. P. KulkarniApproximate Solutions of Operator Equations and Eigenvalue Problems, Spline Theory
Prachi MahajanSeveral Complex Variables
Sourav PalOperator Algebra, Operator Theory and Several Complex Variables
Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science
Niranjan BalachandranCombinatorics
S. SivaramakrishnanCombinatorics
M. K. SrinivasanCombinatorics: Posets, Generating Functions, Polyhedral Combinatorics
Srikanth SrinivasanTheoretical Computer Science
Geometry and Topology
Saurav BhaumikAlgebraic Geometry, Algebraic Stacks, étale cohomology, intersection theory, Families of Quadratic Forms, Higgs bundles, and Geometric Langlands Correspondence
S. R. GhorpadeAlgebraic Geometry and Combinatorics: Schubert varieties, Linear Codes, Varieties over Finite Fields
Sudarshan GurjarAlgebraic Geometry
Swapneel MahajanCoxeter groups, Hopf Algebras, Operads
A. RanjanDifferential Geometry: Harmonic Manifolds
Rekha SanthanamAlgebraic Topology
Ronnie Sebastian Algebraic cycles, Moduli Spaces, Special Values of L-functions
Sandip SinghArithmetic Groups, Lie Groups, Thin Groups
Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis
S. BaskarHyperbolic Conservation Laws, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Waves
N. NatarajNumerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics: Finite element methods, Finite Volume Methods
A. K. PaniFinite element methods, Partial Integro-Differential Equations, Visco-Elastic Fluid-Flow Problems
V. D. SharmaHyperbolic systems of Quasilinear Partial Differential Equations, Nonlinear Waves
Sivaji Ganesh SistaPartial Differential Equations, Homogenization
G. K. SrinivasanShock Waves in Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
Statistics and Probability
Ashish DasDesign of Experiments
R. R. JoshiStatistical Data Mining, Computational Biology, Biostatistics, Probabilistic Optimization Problems in Molecular Biology
Siuli MukhopadhyayGeneralized Linear Models, Response Surface Methods, Combination Drug Therapy, Optimization in Multi-response Situations, Variable Selection
S. V. SabnisReliability Theory, Industrial Statistics: Construction of Reliability Test Plans
Koushik SahaRandom matrices, Extreme value theory, Free Probability and Statistics
Radhendushka SrivastavaTime Series Analysis: Non Parametric Regression, High Dimensional Data
A. SubramanyamStatistical Inference: Geostatistics, Modelling Bivariate Distributions
K. Suresh KumarStochastic Differential Game Theory: Risk-sensitive Control Theory, Stochastic Control, Mathematical Finance
P. VellaisamyStatistical Inference, Applied Probability: Probability approximations, Fractional Stochastic Processes

Emeritus Faculty
I. K. RanaReal Analysis, Mathematics Education: Mean periodic Functions, Generalized Integrals, Technology and Visualizations in Math Education
Sharad S. SaneCombinatorics and Design Theory
A. R. ShastriAlgebraic & Differential Topology, Algebraic Geometry: Topology of Matrix varieties
D. V. PaiVector-valued functions, Optimal Recovery of functions, Stability and Well-posedness
Visiting Faculty
Shrikrishna G. DaniLie Groups and Homogeneous Spaces: Ergodic Theory, Probability Measures on Groups
M. S. RaghunathanLie Groups
Krishna B. AthreyaProbability and Statistics
Navin Kumar M. SinghiDiscrete Mathematics
Adjunct Faculty
B. V. LimayeNumerical Functional Analysis: Operator Equations and Eigenvalue Problems
Mahan Mj.Geometric Group Theory
Honorary Faculty
R. V. GurjarAlgebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra

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