For a faculty position

The Department of Mathematics invites applications in all fields of mathematics from strong researchers having a record of high quality research.

You can find a list of research interests of faculty members here.

Advertisement and Application form: Several important details (for example, the advertisement and an information sheet) can be found here. The information sheet contains details of qualifications and experience required for various positions, salary structure, general information on grants received from the institute for new faculty, and some information on the facilities available at the institute and on campus. More information regarding facilities is available here.

You can find the application form here. A PDF version of the filled application form, CV, Research statement and Teaching statement must be emailed to These should include your list of publications, names and contact addresses of at least 3 referees.

Selection Procedure: The head will forward your application to the department policy committee for initial screening. If initial screening is cleared, then faculty feedback is sought and referees are contacted for letters. Once the letters are received, the completed file is sent to the department policy committee for further feedback. Based on the feedback, a decision to call the candidate for a talk is taken. Further feedback is sought after the talk, based on which the department policy committee decides to recommend the candidate to the institute selection committee. The entire process can take between 2 to 6 months.

Contact: Please write to for any queries.