Apply to the Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay

Here you can find information on how to apply to the Department of Mathematics at IIT Bombay for the position of faculty member or postdoctoral fellow. Please click on one of the links on the left for more information on the application procedure or to know more about IIT Bombay and the Department of Mathematics.

We have active research groups in the following areas of mathematics (for more details click here):

Algebra and Number Theory Analysis
  • Automorphic forms, Representation theory of p-adic groups, L-functions, Converse theorems.
  • Commutative algebra, Projective modules, Blowup algebras, Hilbert functions, Local cohomology.
  • Algebraic groups and related structures.
  • Operator theory, Unbounded subnormals, Hilbert modules.
  • Noncommutative probability, Operator algebras, Multivariable Operator theory, C* and von Neumann algebras.
  • Several complex variables.

Combinatorics and Theoretical Computer Science Geometry and Topology
  • Extremal combinatorics, Probabilistic methods, Design theory.
  • Posets, Generating functions, Polyhedral combinatorics.
  • Spectral graph theory, Enumerative combinatorics.
  • Complexity theory, Pseudorandomness.
  • Stacks, Moduli spaces, Algebraic cycles, Schubert varieties, Linear codes, Varieties over finite fields.
  • Coxeter groups, Hopf algebras, Operads.
  • Harmonic manifolds, Algebraic topology.
  • Arithmetic groups, Lie groups, Thin groups.

Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis Statistics and Probability
  • Hyperbolic conservation laws, Computational fluid dynamics, Nonlinear waves, Shock waves in hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.
  • Finite volume methods, Finite element methods, Partial Integro-Differential equations, Visco-Elastic Fluid-Flow problems.
  • Hyperbolic systems of quasilinear partial differential equations, Homogenization.
  • Design of experiments, Statistical data mining, Computational biology, Generalized linear models, Response surface methods, Combination drug therapy.
  • Construction of reliability test plans, Random matrices, Extreme value theory, Free probability and statistics, Time series analysis.
  • Statistical inference, Stochastic differential game theory, Statistical inference, Applied probability.