For a post doctoral fellowship

Candidates should have submitted their thesis at the time of applying for the position of a postdoctoral fellow. A faculty member should be willing to be your mentor.

You can find a list of research interests of faculty members here.

Apply: You can find the application form here. A PDF version of the filled application form, CV, Research statement and Teaching statement must be mailed to These should include your list of publications, names and contact addresses of at least 3 referees.

Selection Procedure: The head will forward your application to the department policy committee for initial screening. If initial screening is cleared, then faculty feedback is sought and referees are contacted for letters. Once the letters are received, the completed file is sent to the department policy committee for further feedback. Based on the feedback, a decision to call the candidate for a talk is taken. Further feedback is sought after the talk, based on which the department policy committee decides to recommend the candidate to the institute selection committee. The entire process can take between 2 to 6 months.

More information: Postdocs will be required to serve as teaching assistants in one course every semester.

You may apply directly for an Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, which offers an extremely generous salary and additional housing benefits. You may also apply to the department if you already have a fellowship, for example, from NBHM or SERB. NBHM and SERB seem to have similar pay structures, both less than what is being paid by the Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship. Irrespective of the fellowship, the selection procedure is the same for all candidates.

Currently post doctoral fellows are not elligible for on-campus accommodation. A few quarters are reserved for married fellows, though the waiting list for these may be quite large. It is, however, possible to rent a room in the Powai market area, which is just across the road, or further away, within a radius of 2 to 4kms and with an advantage of better and cheaper housing, near Kanjur Marg or Bhandup.

Contact: Please write to for any queries.