Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics

A joint activity of

Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay
Bombay Mathematical Colloquium

The Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics was started in 1997 by the Mathematics Association of IIT, Bombay. As of April 2004, forty one lectures have been held under this series on diverse topics in Mathematics and its applications. The lectures are aimed at a wide spectrum of audience. Besides mathematicians, we also invite scientists and engineers who apply Mathematics in research and development in their area. The speakers are instructed to start from the basics and build their lecture so that beginners as well as experts can benefit. The lectures are typically held on Fridays at 5.05 PM and are of 75 minutes duration.

Recent Talks in the Popular Lecture Series

Prof. M. G. Nadkarni Emeritus Professor, University of Mumbai An Investor's Martingale Walk March 28, 2008
Bikas Kumar Sinha ISI, Kolkata On Some Statistical Aspects of Agreement Among Measurements March 13, 2008
Jaikumar Radhakrishnan TIFR, Mumbai List-decoding Reed-Solomon codes Feb 29, 2008
V. Srinivas TIFR, Mumbai An application of p-adic numbers April 9, 2007
N. Nitsure TIFR, Mumbai The curvature and topology of surfaces March 7, 2007
R.L.Karandikar ISI, Delhi An Invitation to Cryptography Jan 20, 2005
M. Bhargava Princeton University, USA Representation of Integers by Quadratic Forms Mar 19, 2004
P. Gastesi Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Iteration in Complex Plane: Kleinian Groups, Complex Dynamics and Computers Jan 23, 2004
V. R. Sule Department of Electrical Engg, IIT Bombay Science of Automatic Control: Paradigms and Puzzles Oct 31, 2003
P. Ramadevi Department of Physics, IIT Bombay Knots, Links and Three-dimensional Manifolds Sep 19, 2003
R. Sridharan Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai Lemniscate Jul 30, 2003
M. C. Joshi IIT Bombay Dynamics of Orbiting Objects Apr 11, 2003
D. Prasad Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay Algebraic Number Theory Mar 21, 2003
M. Brodmann University of Zurich, Switzerland Blowing up of Surfaces and their Visualization Nov 15, 2002
V. D. Sharma Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena Oct 25, 2002
H. Walser Basel University, Switzerland The Golden Section and Fractal Geometry Sep 19, 2002

List of Speakers in the years 1997-2003