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Speaker: Prof. Dr. M. Brodmann
Affiliation:University of Zuerich, Switzerland
Title: Blowing up surfaces and their visualization
Date: Friday 15 November, 2002
Time: 5.05 p.m.- 6.10 p.m.
Venue: Ramanujan Hall

Blowing-up is a fundamental process in Algebraic Geometry. We will throw a first glance at this process by means of examples, which are accessible to visualization. Namely, we consider the special case of blowing-up the plane with respect to a curve. We explain how the resulting blown-ups may be embedded into 3-space and how these embedded blown-ups can be visualized, by means of a computer for example.

We explain a project to produce a movie obtained by letting vary the coefficients of the defining polynomials of the curve. The work presented is based on junior research peformed in the Diploma Theses of my studends Markus Brandenberg, Nadine Korolnik and Simone Koller.

The lecture will be accessible to students with a modest background in calculus and linear algebra.

About the speaker
Professor Markus Brodmann is an internationally renowned researcher in the fields of algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. He has published over fifty research papers and a book: Local Cohomology: Algebraic and Geometric Aspects published by the Cambridge University Press. After receiving his doctoral degree in 1974, he worked as an assistant to M. Andre' and H. J. Nastold. Currently he is leading the commutative algebra and algebraic geometry group at the University of Zuerich.

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