Popular Lectures In Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
I. I. T. Bombay

Name of the speaker : Prof. R. L. Karandikar
Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi
Title of the talk : "An Invitation to Cryptography"
Day and Date : Thursday, 20th Jan 2005
Time : 5-15 pm
Venue : Ramanujam Hall, Dept. Mathematics

Each talk in the Popular Lecture Series is meant to convey a basic ideas of a branch of mathematics to the general audience, without assuming any knowledge of the subject. All are welcome.


We will discuss symmetric key as well as public key cryptography as well as digital signature. The RSA algorithm for public key cryptography and digital signature will be described. We will also discuss computational complexity in the context of randomized algorithms.

About the Speaker Prof. R. L. Karandikar took his Ph. D. at ISI Calcutta in 1981. He has visited several renowned academic institutes across the world and is currently at ISI Delhi for the past several years. He has received many prestigious awards such as young scientist of Indian National Science Academy (1985), Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences (1994), Bhatnagar Award of CSIR (1999), Prof. C. R. Rao National award of Statistics etc.. His research interest has a wide spectrum ranging from Stochastic Processes to linear and non linear Filtering theory to Psephology. He has published over 50 research papers in high standard journals and has co-authored two books. He was a consultant to India Today, T.V. Today, ICICI etc..