Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics

Mathematics Association of IIT Bombay and Bombay Mathematical Colloquium

Speaker: Prof. Pablo Ares Gastesi
Affiliation:TIFR, Mumbai
Title: Iteration in the Complex plane: Kleinian Groups, Complex Dynamics and Computers
Date: Friday, 23 January 2004
Time: 5.05 - 6.15 p. m.
Venue: Ramanujan Hall, II Floor.
In this talk I will explain some of the similiarities between Kleinian groups and iteration of holomorphic functions on the complex plane. I will show some computer generated pictures and explain how the programs are written. The talk assumes only basic knowledge of the complex numbers.
About the speaker
Prof. Gastesi did his Ph.D from the State University of New-york at the Stony Brook, in the Field of Teichmuller spaces and Kleinian Groups. After a short visit to Finland, he came to TIFR in 1994, where he has been since. Besides Kleinian groups and Riemann surfaces, he is interested in computers as mathematical tools and system administration.

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