Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Popular Lecture Series in Mathematics

Mathematics Association of IIT Bombay and Bombay Mathematical Colloquium

Speaker: Prof. P. Ramadevi
Affiliation:Physics Department, IIT Bombay
Title: Knots, Links and Three-dimensional Manifolds
Date: Friday, 19 September 2003
Time: 5.05 - 6.15 p. m.
Venue: Ramanujan Hall, II Floor.
In this popular lecture, I will introduce basic ideas of Knot theory. It will be shown that several three dimensional manifolds can be constructed by a systematic process on knots/links embedded in a three sphere $S^3$. Edward Witten bagged the Fields Medal in 1989 for showing that a certain topological quantum field theory provides a natural framework for the study of knots and links. Thus study of certain theories in Physics provides an understanding of a class of Mathematical problems. I shall present one such theory called Chern-Simons theory and discuss its role in the theory of knots and three dimensional manifolds.
About the speaker
Prof. Ramadevi is a Ph.D (1991-96) at Institute of Mathematical Sciences, had held positions at various prestigeous institutions such as TIFR, HRI in the country and Caltech Research Institute abroad. She joined IIT Bomaby Department of Mathematics in 1996. She is a Junior assoicate of ICTP Trieste, Italy. She is been working extensively in areas related to Chern-Simon Theory, String Theory and Knot theory. `Chern-Simons Field theory and Knot Invariants and has published some 20 papers in international journals.

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