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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hans Walser
Affiliation:University of Basel, Switzerland
Title: The Golden Section and Fractal Geometry
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2002
Time: 5.05 p.m.
Venue: Ramanujan Hall

The Golden Section has turned up, since antiquity, in many aspects of geometry, architecture, music, art and even philosophy, but it appears also in newer domains of engineering and fractals. In this way the Golden Section is no isolated phenomenon, but, in many cases, the first and indeed, a simple example in the context of a sequence of generalizations of a common idea. Therefore the Golden Section has a pedagogical significance as well.

We will discuss the construction of fractals, which, in the simplest examples, lead likewise, to the Golden Section. Though in antiquity, the Golden Section was closely related to the regular pentagon and polyhedra containing regular pentagons like the icosahedron or the dodecahedron, we will see that the Golden Section arises surprisingly also in fractals based on the equilateral triangle or the square.

About the speaker
Dr. Hans Walser obtained his Ph. D. from ETH, Zuerich in 1975. His primary research interest is geometry. He has published 46 articles and five books. He has also published books for schools. He is actively involved in training of high school and college teachers.

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