Statistics study Group

The objectices of this Statistics Study-Group activities are
  • To read and understand research articles that deal with basic concepts and well-known results that are taught at the undergraduate level. To be specific, research articles from one of the sections called Teacher's Corner in the journal of American Statistician and similar journals will be read.
  • To discuss applied aspects of statistics via presentation of real life case studies.
The 1st meeting of this group was held on the 24th March, 2007 in the Department of Mathematics. Prof. S. V. Sabnis gave a talk titled "Construction of Confidence Intervals for the Mean with Samples of Size One and Two".

This group intends to meet at IIT Bombay on last Saturday of every month from 2:00-5:00 pm. In each meeting two group members will present research articles and/or case studies.

3rd Statistics Study Group Meeting Schedule