Professional Development & Technology Orientation

For Secondary and Sr. secondary school teachers

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"How you teach is more important than what you teach."



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Prof. Inder K. Rana
Department of Mathematics
I. I. T. Bombay, Powai
Mumbai 400076


Mathematics education over the world is going through a great change. Curriculum planners are recommending radical reforms in math education to prepare all students to meet mathematical needs of the society. Teaching which was as  a  processes of direct transmission knowledge is changing.  Teaching is being viewed as a process of facilitating students’ learning by creating a learning environment conducive to inquiry.

This necessitates the teachers to upgrade and reorient themselves by:

  • Strengthening one’s knowledge of mathematics.
  • Learning to use effective teaching strategies
  • Becoming familiar with exemplary instruction material and resources.
  • Learning effective use of technology in teaching and learning.


Program goals

The programme is conceived with two main goals:  

·         Strengthening conceptual understanding of  mathematical concepts. There will be lectures by experts on various mathematical topics taught at secondary and senior secondary level. There will also be lectures on some special topics, normally not covered in the curriculum.                    

·        Technology orientation and training                                                     The second component will have hands  training on the use of technology (hardware and software) in teaching and learning of mathematics.

Who will benefit

Secondary and senior secondary level teachers from  schools / international schools affiliated with CBSC, ICSE,ICSGC State Boards and IB.


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Schools who have already participated


"Instead of making kids love the math they hate,
make the math they would love"