Institute Colloquia by Mathematicians

D. Eisenbud Univ. of California, Berkeley and MSRI Algebraic Invariants of Geometric Objects 20 December 2001
K. R. Parthasarthy Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi An Invitation to Quantum Computing 14 March 2002
M. F. Atiyah Newton Institute, Cambridge, U.K. Polyhedra and Minimal Energy Configurations 18 November 2003
R. P. Langlands Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, U.S.A. Reflections on the legacy of Harish-Chandra 08 March 2006
C. R. Rao Eberly Professor Emeritus, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A. Statistics: Past, Present and Future 05 January 2007
R. Balasubramanian Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. Applications of Number Theory to Cryptology 16 January 2007
Prof. M. Ram Murty Queen's University, Canada Summation of Infinite Series 21 October 2009