All About "Statistics" You Wanted to Know
Institute Lecture by Professor B.L.S. Prakasa Rao

(Institute Auditorium, 4:30 pm, May 28, 2007.)
About the talk:
After an elementary introduction to the subject of statistics and the reasons for its study, the future for the subject will be discussed in the context of large scale data to be analyzed from different areas of biological, engineering sciences and other areas of science and technology.
About the Speaker:

Prof. B.L.S. Prakasa Rao received his Ph.D. (Statistics) in 1966 from Michigan State University, under the guidance of Herman Rubin. He has held several distinguished positions such as Professor, ISI New Delhi, Director of ISI and Distinguished Scientist at ISI. He is currently a Jawaharlal Nehru Chair Professor at University of Hyderabad. He has held visiting positions at several universities - University of Illinois (Urbana), Universite de Montreal, University of California (Davis & Berkely), University of Iowa, to mention a few. He is a fellow of all the three Science Academies in India. He was awarded Bhatnagar Award for Mathematical Sciences in 1982. He works on several areas of probability (Limit Theorems, Stochastic Inequalities, Characterization, Stochastic Processes) and Statistics (Inference, Non-parametric Functional Estimation, Asymptotic Theory) and has published about 200 research papers.

Professor Rao is author and co-author of several internationally acclaimed text books and research monographs in Probability and Statistics. He has been Editor/Associate Editor of several reputed journals of Probability and Statistics.