Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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3:00pm [3:00pm]Dr. Manas Kar
Speaker: Dr. Manas Kar Date & Time: 17th January 2018, 3pm Venue: Ramanujan Hall Title: Inverse problems for reconstructing inclusion and identifying unknown parameter. Abstract: In general, inverse problems are those where one needs to recover the unknown parameter of a system from the knowledge of the external observation. In this talk, I will mainly give an overview of Calder\'on’s inverse problems arising in several linear and nonlinear partial differential equations. I will discuss two different kinds of inverse problems for the Maxwell system and p-Laplace equation. One is the parameter identification problems and another one is the shape reconstruction issues. In particular, I will concentrate on the problem of determining the conductivity of a medium and the shape of an inclusion from the knowledge of boundary voltage or current measurements.

4:00pm [4:00pm]Mathematics Colloquium
Mathematics Colloquium Speaker: Prof. Dr. Kishore Marathe Date & Time: 17th January 2018, 4pm Venue: Ramanujan Hall Title: From Moonshine to Mock Moonshine Abstract : We begin with a review of moonshine for sporadic groups indicating the current status of this active new area of research which intersects several fields in mathematics and theoretical physics. We then discuuss the relation of black hole quantum gravity and mock modular forms originally introduced as mock theta functions by Ramanujan.