Neeraj Kumar

Description: Title: Linear resolutions of monomial ideals - IV Abstract: Consider a graded ideal in the polynomial ring in several variables. We shall discuss criterion for the graded ideal and its power to have linear resolution. Then we focus our attention to study linear resolution of monomial ideals. Monomial ideals are the bridge between commutative algebra and the combinatorics. Monomial ideals are also significant because they appear as initial ideals of arbitrary ideals. Since many properties of an initial ideal are inherited by its original ideal, one often adopt this strategy to decipher properties of general ideals. The first talk is meant for covering the preliminary results on resolution and regularity of monomial ideal.The aim of this series of talk is to present the result in arXiv:1709.05055 .
Location: Ramanujan Hall, Department of Mathematics
Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Time: 9:30am-10:25am IST
Duration: 55 minutes
Access: Public