Prof. Hira Lal Koul Michigan State University

Description: Prof. Hira Lal Koul Michigan State University

Title: Minimum distance model checking in Berkson
measurement error models with validation data

Abstract: In this talk we present two new formulations for elasticity
and poromechanics that include rotations and total fluid-solid
pressure as additional unknowns. We address the unique solvability of
each problem and construct finite-element and finite-volume-element
schemes for their numerical approximation. The stability and
convergence of the methods are rigorously derived, and these results
are of particular interest in the incompressible limit. We finally
discuss how the formulations are modified when solving an interface
problem defined by the coupling of an elastic and a poroelastic
Location: Ramanujan Hall, Department of Mathematics
Date: Friday, January 5, 2018
Time: 3:30pm IST
Access: Public