Samik Basu (IACS)

Description: Topology Seminar

Date and Time: Wednesday 24th January 2018, at 2PM

Venue: Room 215

Speaker: Samik Basu (IACS)

Title : Equivariant cell complexes and freeness theorems

Abstract : We discuss analogues of the theorem "A CW complex with even
cells has free homology" for G-spaces. For the cyclic group of order p, the
"freeness theorem" was first proved by Lewis, and subsequently the result was
improved by Ferland -Lewis. We generalize this result to other cyclic
groups (in
joint work with Surojit Ghosh).
Location: Room No. 215, Department of Mathematics
Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018
Time: 10:30am IST
Access: Public