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Brief Description on Industrial Activities


 As a part of the special year devoted to the `Application and Numerical Solutions to Partial Differential Equations', we (along with R.S. Anderssen from CMA and CSIRO, Canberra) had organised two miniconferences one on Free and Moving and Diffusion Problems and the second one on Inverse problems in Partial Differential Equations in the Centre for Mathematical Analysis at the Australian National University, Canberra.


 The primary aim was to stimulate strong interaction between practioners (scientists, industrialists and engineers) with specific problems arising in both these areas and mathematicians (pure, applied and computational) working on the analysis and approximate solutions of such problems. In addition, the Miniconferences aimed to foster the interest of younger colleagues to research connected with these problems. A number of speakers not only from Australia, but also from Germany, Russia, India, Italy, Hong Kong, UK and USA were invited to participate. Each of these programs continued for two months and the Miniconferences were organised.


As one of the organisers, I had opportunity to interact with the scientists from various Australian Industries. With this in back ground, I along with few of my colleagues at our Institute (IIT, Bombay) started interacting with few industries in Bombay and also in Baroda. What we gathered:` the technical language barriers have to be narrowed down'. So we had for the first time organised a Workshop on ` Industrial Mathematics' in Baroda from 6-9th July'93.


About 33 engineers and scientists from major industries and scientific institutions like ONGC, ISRO, L&T, GEB, IPCL, Jyoti Ltd. etc. participated in the Workshop. The unique features of this workshop were the computer aided environment and the actual case study-approach. From the responses we had received after the Workshop, we understand that this is well taken up. One major objective behind these activities is to look for job opportunities for our M. Sc. as well as Ph. D. students.


To get acquainted with the language of industries, we have locally started interacting with CAD Center and the Chemical Engineering Dept. (ref. M.Sc Projects). As a part of this interaction, we had a joint Ph. D. student with Professor Kannan Moudgalya. Further, we (with M. C. Joshi, R. K. Mallik and Kannan M. Moudgalya) had organized three Workshops on `Engineering Optimizations' in CAD Center, IITB (1994, 95, 96) for Engineers and Scientists from Industries and Research & Development Organizations. A package called `Optimize' was developed for this purpose with the following distinct features: Case Study, User Defined Problems and Analysis. Most of the Modules start with a Case Study, then Mathematical tools are developed and finally, the case study is revisited. A module on constrained Optimization was developed by us jointly with Prof. M. C. Joshi.


In 1995 summer, I had given 6 hours lectures on Numerical Methods to Engineers and Research Scientists in Larson and Toubro, Powai.


More recently, we have interacted with Crompton & Greaves and Larson & Toubro on a mission mode project on `Development of Tools for Analysis of Switchgear Mechanism' under Technology Development Mission on Integrated Design and Competitive Manufacture in the Mechanical Engg. DEPT. at IIT, B. As a part of the theoretical subgroup, our role was to help the group to simulate numerically the resulting differential algebraic equations.


As a co-coordinator of M. Sc. (ASI programme) projects and Work Visits for two years in the past, I had occasions to interact with CDAC (Pune), TRDDC (Pune); Jyoti Ltd., ORG, Patwa Kinarewala, ABB from Baroda; ONGC (Mumbai); Mahindra & Mahindra, Hindustan Lever Ltd. (Mumbai) etc. This is more for getting M. Sc. projects, making them aware of our new programme and identifying appropriate persons for future interaction.




We wish to establish a long term partnership between industry and academia by

We have already received a massive project from Dept. Science and Technology to work on the few above mentioned programmes. Recently, we (with Professor Kannan Moudgalya) are working on the numerical simulation of particle size distribution in emulsion polymerization process, which is of great industrial importance. Some Indian industries like Hindustan Lever Ltd. and Pedelites have already shown some interest on this problem and we plan to involve them in future. More recently, we are also looking at the mathematical modeling, simulation as well as designing of Controllers for the Crystal Size Distributions in an Industrial Crystallizer.

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