Courses Taught


        MA 102- Calculus of Several Variables and Linear Algebra (called now MA-104, Mathematics -II)

        MA 103- Calculus (Mathematica -I)

        MA 203- Ordinary Differential Equations (Mathematics-III)

        MA 210- Introduction to Numerical Methods Course at Colorado School of Mines

        MACS 332-Linear Algebra (Fall Semester, 1998).


        Master in Science (M. Sc. ) Courses at IIT, Bombay

        Ordinary Differential Equations

        Partial Differetial Equations

        Operator Theory

        Functional Analysis

        Numerical Analysis II

        Finite Element Methods

        Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods for PDEs

        Mathematical Modeling

        Mathematical Methods-I

        Second Order Elliptic PDEs


        Modern Partial Differential Equations

        Advanced Analysis

        Advanced Numerical Analysis

        Mathematical Aspects of Finite Element Methods

        Variational Inequalities

        Spectral Methods for PDEs

        Functional Analysis


Some of the above advanced level courses were developed and taught by me

during last 11 years. The Ordinary Differential Equation & Partial Differential equation are appropriately modified by me to put emphasis on the basic theory of these subjects.



        Motivate each modules (Linear Solver, Nonlinear Solver, Data Fitting (Interpolation, Least Square), Numerical Integrations, and ODE Solvers) through a Case Study.

        Discuss Mathematical Techniques with examples.

        Revisit Case Study to give a feel for the method.


Based on these features, Lecture Note ([5] under Proceedings Edited, Books and Lecture Notes) has been prepared by me.