Modus Operendi :

The Forum will pursue the following three levels of activities :

Level 0: (grass root level)

One or two days workshop for Bachelors as well as first year Masters students and college teachers will be organized every year at local level by the volunteers. It is agreed that some senior professors will write a few modules for this purpose.  A sample module may consist of motivation (through case study (modeling) or mathematical questions which can be easily understood by a lay man), the mathematical techniques for qualitative as well as quantitative study and more importantly, its link to other areas of mathematics. At least one student in each region should be motivated to do a small summer project with the local expert.

Level 1: (middle level)

At least one instructional conference or school of two to three weeks duration will be organized every year for Masters as well as Ph.D. students. The model for this purpose may be like one used to be organized by TIFR-IISc group. Apart from creating awareness, it can be useful for providing a proper basic back ground for the fresh Ph.D. students.

Level 2: 

Every two years, group meeting or national conference or international conference with a broader theme will be organized.