The Mathematics Association organizes programs, activities, social events,
and seminars for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate math community at IIT Bombay.
We are associated with the Mathematics Department at IIT Bombay.

About the Association


The Mathematics Association of IIT Bombay was formed in 1978 as a student body organization aimed at bringing awareness, generate and promote interest, and facilitate communication among students of various age groups with an interest in Mathematics.


Targeted at motivating and encouraging student participation, this association aims to host activities at national level in the coming years. The quickly growing popularity of the association is not only a success for the association but for Mathematics itself.


The association is responsible for the different mathematical activities that takes place round the year in the department. Association tries to foster the development of mathematics inquisitiveness among students of IIT and students around Mumbai through various events and workshops.

Our Work

Mathematics Olympiad

The most important and widespread activity of the Association is the Mathematics Olympiad, a competitive examination, conducted at the end of January or the start of February each year.

Student Lectures

The Association also organizes a popular lecture series by eminent mathematicians. This allows a direct link between students and Mathematicians doing work at the very cutting edge. Recent developments and applications in technology never fail to interest a plethora of students. This highlights the importance of this lecture series.

About IIT Bombay

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (abbreviated IITB or IIT Bombay) is a public engineering institution located in Powai, Mumbai, India. In global rankings, IIT Bombay has emerged as India’s top university. It is the second-oldest institute of the Indian Institutes of Technology system.

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