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About Mathematics Association

The Mathematics Association of IIT Bombay was formed in 1978 as a student body organization aimed to bring about awareness, generate and promote interest, and facilitate communication among students of various age groups with an interest in Mathematics. It has been very successful in identifying and nurturing young talent in Mathematics. Targeted at motivating and encouraging student participation, this association aims to host activities at national level in the coming years. The quickly growing popularity of the association is not only a success for the association but for Mathematics itself. The most important and widespread activity of the Association is the Mathematics Olympiad, a mathematical talent search examination, conducted every year.

About Mathematics Olympiad

Mathematics Olympiad is a talent search event involving schools from Mumbai and nearby districts. The 1st Mathematics Olympiad was held in 1981. This year the Mathematics Association is organizing the 33rd Mathematics Olympiad. This is a platform for students to challenge themselves and test their Mathematical knowledge and skills. The goal of Mathematics Olympiad is to stimulate enthusiasm and love for mathematics, to strengthen mathematical intuition, foster mathematical creativity and provide satisfaction, joy and thrill of meeting challenges. It is a great opportunity for the participating students to experience the atmosphere of IIT Bombay, which is one of the premium academic institutions of the country.

The Olympiad is overseen by some of the most renowned professors of the country, who are faculty at the Mathematics Department of IIT Bombay.