Research Guidance

Supervised nine M.Sc. Dissertations and ten Ph.D. Theses at the Department of Mathematics, I.I.T. Bombay, on topics in Approximation Theory and Functional Analysis.

Ph.D. theses supervised : Ten

Candidate Title of Thesis Year
N.N. Kaulgud On fixed points of multimappings and  their applications to differential relations (with Prof. P. C. Jain) 1977
P. Govindarajulu On properties of sets related to projections, farthest points and proximal points 1980
P. Veeramani On fixed point theorems for multi-functions 1981
Le Van Bang Parameter optimization problems of nonlinear control systems with absolute stability constraints in the frequency domain (with Prof. S.D. Agashe) 1988
Indrani Gupta Contributions to nonlinear scalar and vector optimziation (with Prof. M.N. Vartak) 1988
P.T. Nowroji On restricted centers of sets of vector-valued functions 1990
P. Shunmugaraj On stability aspects in optimization 1991
T. Sengadir Topological transversality and its applications to differential equations (with Prof. A.K. Pani) 1993
B.M. Deshpande Hypertopologies on uniform spaces and stability in optimization 1997
Indira K. Restricted center multifunctions in approximation theory 2000

M.Sc. Theses supervised : Nine
Candidate Title of Thesis Year
P.G. Bhat On simultaneous interpolation and approximation with norm preservation 1973
S. Ramanarayan Some generalizations of the Chebyshev approximation problem 1973
H.N Mhaskar On simultaneous approximation in normed linear spaces 1976
K.S. Deshpande On Hermite-Birkhoff interpolation and monotone approximation 1977
V. Yegnaseshan On fixed point theorems for contractive multifunctions 1978
M.R. Gurjar Some fixed point theorems 1984
T. Sengadir Some fixed point theorems of functional analysis 1987
Riddhi Shah Fixed points of nonexpansive-type mappings on Banach spaces 1988
V.S. Sapre Hyperspace topologies 1992