Research Publications

Research Papers in Refereed Journals


  1. ‘On a characterization of standard measurable groups’.  Sankhya Series A, 39 (1977), pp. 94-100. (MR# 11335, Vol.58, No.3, 1979).
  2. ‘On a characterization of locally-compact groups of second category, assuming continuum hypothesis’. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 64 (1977), pp.96-100 (MR # 6290, Vol.67, No.3, 1979).
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  10. ‘Existence of measures with dominated translates’. Real Analysis Exchange, Vol.26 (1), pp. 453-456, 2000-2001.


Research Papers in Conference Proceedings


  1. Translation invariant subspaces of   and determining sets for measures’. Proceedings of the International Conference on Invariant Sub-space and Allied Topics, Delhi University, Delhi, India, published by Narosa Publishing House, 1990.


Research Papers accepted for Publication


  1.  “Vector valued mean periodic functions on the Real line”, ‘Journal of the Australian Mathematical Soceity’.
  2. “Vector valued mean periodic functions on the Circle Group”, ‘Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society’


      Research Papers submitted for Publication  


    14.  " On Mean Periodic Groups"  the Australian Mathematical Society, 2002.