Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Department of Mathematics

Fifth National Meeting in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry (CAAG V)

April 1- 5, 2003

  • List of participants (Total 42)

  • Final Schedule ( 16 research talks + 12 expository talks)

  • General information: All about IIT Bombay campus

  • Organizing Committee: S. Kumaresan, Ravi A. Rao and J. K. Verma

  • Funding organizations: National Board for Higher Mathematics, TIFR Bombay and Mumbai University

  • Dedication: This meeting is dedicated to our colleague and friend R. C. Cowsik for inspiring generations of commutative algebraists and algebraic geometers in India. If you want send him best wishes, please send an email to

  • Venue: Institute Guest House Seminar Hall, II Floor.

  • Registration: during 0900-09.30 hrs on Tueday April 1 outside the Dining Hall on I floor of Institute Guest House

  • Modified: on 28 March 2003 at 1155. hrs