IIT Bombay
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Nurture and Contact Programme in Mathematics 2001

Funded by the National Board for Higher Mathematics
Venue : Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay
May 21-June 16, 2001

Academic Programme

Name  Institution Topic
Differential Topology
R. R. Simha  Mumbai University Basic Differential Topology 
A. R. Shastri  IIT, Bombay Operations on Manifolds 
M. S. Raghunathan  TIFR, Bombay Morse theory and h-cobordism 
I. Biswas  TIFR, Bombay Morse theory and h-cobordism 

Introduction to Number Theory
Eknath Ghate  TIFR, Bombay Modular forms 
C. S. Rajan  TIFR, Bombay Number fields 
C. Khare  TIFR, Bombay Number fields 
Ravi Raghunathan  TIFR, Bombay Prime numbers 

Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics
Yogish Holla  TIFR, Bombay  Homological algebra
N. Fakhruddin  TIFR, Bombay Cohen-Macaulay modules
J. K. Verma  IIT, Bombay Stanley-Reisner rings 
M. K. Srinivasan  IIT, Bombay Combinatorial reciprocity
Raja Sridharan  TIFR, Bombay Stanley's solution of UBC 
R. C. Cowsik  Mumbai University Gorenstein complexes

Guest Lectures

S. E. Rao TIFR, Bombay Representations of gln-type May 22 
E. Ghate TIFR, Bombay On Fermat and Wiles  May 23 
Kirti Joshi TIFR, Bombay Cryptography May 29 
R. R. Simha Mumbai University On the tangent bundle of sphere May 31 
N. Nitsure TIFR, Bombay A. Grothendieck June 5 
N. Fakhruddin TIFR, Bombay Dynamics of rational points  June 7 
V. Srinivas TIFR, Bombay The g-theorem for polytopes  June 12 
R. C. Cowsik Mumbai University The upper bound conjecture for spheres June 13 
M. S. Raghunathan TIFR, Bombay Compact surfaces and arithmetic June 14