1. ICLAA (2017) with a talk
  2. G2S2 (2016) with a talk
  3. Caldam (2016)
  4. AIS on Representation Theory of Finite Groups
  5. AIS on Matrix Analysis
  6. Indo-Hungarian school on Discrete Mathematics
  7. Indo-German school on Big Data

Teaching Assistantship:

  1. Calculus in IITB
  2. Linear Algebra in IITB
  3. Differential Equations in IITB
  4. Applied Algorithm in IITB
  5. Numerical Analysis in IITB
  6. Measure Theory (NPTEL Course )
  7. Non-negative matrices in AIS on Matrix Analysis
  8. Fixed point theorems in AIS on Mathematical Programming


  1. DST-INSPIRE Fellowship at IIT Bombay
  2. UGRI Fellowship at IIT Jodhpur
  3. MSc Tech meritorious scholarship at CURAJ Rajasthan

Publications and preprints:

  1. Hook immanantal and Hadamard inequalities for q-Laplacians of trees, Linear Alg. & App. 523 (2017), 131–151 (with S. Sivasubramanian)
  2. Laplacian Immanantal polynomials and the GTS poset on Trees, arxiv:1710.02416 (with S. Sivasubramanian)
  3. Eigenvalue monotonicity of q-Laplacians of trees along a poset, arxiv:1711.09787