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Workshop on Nonlinear Functional Analysis & Its Applications (NFAA 2013)


Nonlinearity is eminently visible in problems of practical importance in many inter-disciplinary areas of science and enginerring. The investigations of these problems require exposition on development of a common theory of nonlinear analysis, which has already acquired enormous proportion. The decade of sixties and seventies saw the emergence of the theory of monotone operators and voluminous expansion of various formulations of fixed point theorems resulting in to a systematic study of operator equations involving nonlinear operators.

The subsequent decades saw applicability of prime results in this study for the solvability analysis of nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations as well as integral equations. These equations model real life problems in many fields like space science, financial engineering, control engineering, structural dynamics and information technology. The task of analyzing these models is simplified if readily available technology of nonlinear functional analysis is properly understood. The workshop aims to spread the working knowledge of this technology by bringing together an expert group of functional analysis to expand on various aspects of its salient features.