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Advanced Workshop on Computational Methods for Integral Equations & Applications (AWCMIEA-2014)

Many of the integral equations are associated with the reformulation of BVPs as BIEs. Such equations widely arise in describing several scientific and engineering problems such as acoustic and electromagnetic wave scattering, signal processing, contact mechanics, space navigation, inverse and ill-posed problems related to non-invasive evalution and imaging methods in medicine, science and technology etc. Hence the study of integrals equations is of great importance.


The objective of this workshop is to introduce participants to a number of fundamental mathematical ideas and techniques that lie at the core of integral equation approach of problem solving. For this, the course will focus on the numerical solution of integral equations as well as on solving elliptic boundary value problems by use of boundary integral equation reformulations. Accordingly, a variety of numerical techniques will be discussed and analyzed for solution of linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind with compact integral operators as well as for boundary integral equation reformulation of Laplace's equation. In addition, a series of lectures will focus on some of the applications of integral equations in science and engineering