Course Syllabus

MA 406 General Topology Spring 2014
Lectures will be in MB1 at 11:05 AM on Wednesdays and Fridays; Tutorials at 11:35 AM on Mondays.

Course Text

General Topology by Stephen Willard.

Course Description

Prerequisite: This course assumes knowledge of Real Analysis MA 413.

We will cover Sections 1-9,13-19,26-28 in the book. If time permits we will discuss some or all of the sections 20, 22,23, 32, 33, 42, 43, 44.


Tutorials/Quizzes :   2 + 28 = 30 %
Midterm Exam :   30 %
Final :   40%


Tutorials will be assigned every week and will be posted on Tutorial site for the class. Tutorials are meant to help you learn the material regularly. You are expected to have spent some time thinking about the tutorial problems before they are discussed in class. During the tutorial you may be asked to write up the solution of a problem and submit it. There will be marks assigned to the submitted tutorials.


The final exam will be comprehensive. Make up exams will be offered only when you have a valid excuse. If you are cleared by Dean of Student Affairs to be excused from an exam then you should talk to me to arrange for a make up exam.