Guidance of M. Sc. and Ph. D. students

Guidance of Doctoral Students

1. Rafikul Alam: Accelerated Spectral Approximation, 1996, (Co-supervisor).
2. Nelkanti Gnaneshwar: Spectral Approximation of Integral Operators, 2003.

Guidance of M. Phil. Students
1. Sarita Nemani: Spectral Approximation for Variational Problems, 1998, (Co-supervisor).

Guidance of M. Sc. Home Paper Projects

1. 2000 Komal Tembulkar: Approximate Solutions of Integral Equations.
2. 1999 Prajna Kulkarni: QR method for computation of Eigenelements.
3. 1997 Pradeepa Nair: Spline Interpolation.
4. 1996 S. Subramniam: Bezier Curves and Surfaces.
5. 1995 V. Raichur: Parametric and Geometric Continuity of Spline Curves in CAGD.
6. 1994 Bagirath: Superconvergence at Gauss points.
7. 1993 S. Srinivasan: Spectral Approximation.
8. 1989 M. S. Padmapriya: Approximatiom of Matrix and Operator Equations.