Date & Time: Thursday, March 13, 2014, 17:00-17:30.
Venue: VMCC, Room No. 22

Title: Determinants and Binomials in Algebra, Combinatorics and Geometry

Speaker: Sudhir Ghorpade, IIT Bombay

Abstract: In this talk, meant for faculty and students across the Institute, I will try to explain how determinants (especially of generic matrices) and binomial coefficients (especially when the "numerator" is a variable) appear in various parts of algebra, combinatorics and geometry. Along the way, an attempt will be made to give an overview of some of my older work and some relatively recent work. The topics that we may touch upon include:

  • Determinantal varieties and their multiplicities and Hilbert functions
  • Young tableaux and straightening law
  • Binomial determinants and nonintersecting lattice paths
  • Jet schemes of determinantal varieties