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  Hello and a warm welcome to my webpage!!

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Contact information:

201 - A, Department of Mathematics,
Indian Institute of Technology,
Powai, Mumbai, 400 076.
    +91-22-2576-7473 (O)
+91-22-2576-8473 (R)
    This is how one gets to IITB campus and here is a campus map where mathematics department is at number 17, a prime of the form $n^2 + 1$ (wiki, OEIS).


  • My current schedule and my cv.

  • This semester I am teaching MA205, Complex analysis.

  • If you want to work with me for your Ph.D., you are STRONGLY advised to do a seminar course, MAS801 or MAS802 (or both), with me.

  • I am interested in taking (local) M.Sc./B.Tech. students for reading projects.

  • Usually I am away in summer so I do not take any summer students. However, if you stay in Mumbai and can commute to IIT, say up to twice a week, we can try to work something out.

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