International Conference on Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

in honour of Shreeram S. Abhyankar's 80th Birthday

Pune, India, December 17-22, 2010

Travel Information

Pune is well-connected to most cities in India by flights, trains, and roadways. There are also direct flights to Pune from Frankfurt (Lufthansa) and Dubai (Air India Express). However, most international passengers may find it convenient and cheaper to fly into Mumbai (= Bombay) and then take an airport shuttle to Pune (journey time: approx. 3 hours). Please note that most international visitors will require a visa for India (just as Indian citizens require a visa to visit their country), and also that December-January tends to be a busy period in terms of travel to and from India, especially from Europe and North America; thus, it is advisable to book early. Here are some useful links.

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