Guidance of Students


Guidance of Doctoral Students:

1.     Mini N. Balu: Some Preservation properties in Mathematical Theory of Reliability. Graduated in July 2000.

2.     Hariharan Nair: A Study of Reliability Test Plans. Graduated in August 2004.  

3.     Gopichand Agnihothram: Construction of Optimal Reliability Test Plans. Graduated in August 2008.  

Guidance of M. Tech. Students (of One year duration) :

1.  Chinmay M. Date: Simulation of a Queueing Model for Hospital Systems. Graduated in July 2000. (Co-guide: Dr. N. Hemchandra).

M. Sc. Projects (of Two-semester duration) guided :

 1.  1990:  Nikita Nadkarni, Semi Markov Processes.

 2.  1990:  Mini Nair, Phase Type Distributions.

 3.  1992:  Ravindra Kotwal, Order Statistics.

 4.  1992:  Rupali Shah, Unimodality, Convexity and Applications.

 5.  1994:  M. Parvati, Estimation of P (X<Y).

 6.  1997:  Sowmdeb Sen, Some Aspects of Ranked Set Sampling (Co-guide: Dr. S. Purkayastha).

 7.  1998:  Kapildeb Sen, Brand switching analysis in Market Forecasting. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

 8.  1998:  Deepak Mav, Algorithmic Development for Generalized Estimating Equations.

 9.  1998:  Aarti Ganu, Applications of Statistics to Mineral Processing Industry.

10. 1999:  S Kartik, Algorithmic Development of Log-linear Models.

11. 1999:  Mahtab Munshi, Algorithmic Development of Logistic Regression.

12. 1999:  Debashish Das, Analysis of Election Data. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

13. 1999:  Rudrajyoti Sen, Forecasting Sales and Product positioning of Pharmaceutical Products. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

14.  2000:   Chandan Chakraborty, A Study of Diffusion and Substitution Phenomena

                 for Successive Generations of Technological Products.

15. 2000:   Kaushik Das, Applications of Survival Analysis to Medical Data (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

16. 2000:    Srijit Maiti, Time Series Modelling and Forecasting of Sales of Medical Drugs.

17. 2001:   Chandrima Das, Survival Analysis. A Case Study.

18. 2001:   Gautam Shanbhag, Time Series Modelling of Financial Data.

19. 2001:   Shuchismita Sarkar, Construction of Brand Index for Pharmaceutical Products. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele)

20. 2002:   Nancy Mathew, Analysis of Socio-Economic Records using Data Mining Techniques. (Co-guide: Dr. Suman Mitra)

21. 2002:   Ashis Kumar, A Study of Random Forests.

22. 2002:   Swarup Kumar, A Study of Contingency Tables.

23. 2003:   Vasudev Maiya, Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Categorical Data.

24. 2003:   S. Ramya, A Study of Several Model Selection Criteria.

25. 2004:   Mohit Das, Structural Equation Modelling.

26. 2005:   Madhukar Kumar, Classification and Regression tree based methods for Longitudinal data.

27. 2005:   Manish Kumar Agarwal, Design Dependence Problem in Generalized Linear Models.

28. 2005:   Abhishek Raghuvanshi, Regression Models for Discrete Longitudinal responses.

29. 2005:   Pankaj Kumar, Generalized Linear Model approach to categorical Time Sries Data.

30. 2006:   Pranab Kumar Ghosh, Some Aspects of the Design of Longitudinal Study.

31. 2006:   Somnath Karmakar, A Study of Optimal Regression Designs.

32. 2006:   Chetna Singh, Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Case-Control Studies.

33. 2006:   Bhakti Bhusan Manna, Response Surface Methodology for Discrete Data.

34. 2007:   Sanjeev Awasare, Bayesian Analysis of Linear Mixed Models.

35. 2007:   Venkata Reddy, Statistical Analysis of Symbolic Data.

36. 2007:   Amritangsu Nandi, A Study of Some New Lifetime Distribution Classes Using Notion of Imprecise Reliability.

37. 2007:   Lavanya Wadhawa, Selection of Forecasting Granularity to Maximize benefits of Scheduling in Service Industrires. (Co-guide: Dr. Sidharth Sengupta, TCS LTD.)

38. 2007:   Puspendra Singh, Evaluating New Biomarkers.

39. 2009:   Pankaj Kumar, Modelling and Analysis of Degradation Data .

40. 2009:   Rohit Singhal, A study of Model Diagnostics for Hazard Regression Models .

41. 2009:   Ramaswamy Venkatarajan, A survey of the Likelihood approach to Bioequivalence Trials .

42. 2010:   Abhijatri Das, Reliability Demonstration using Bernoulli Data and Extreme (X-) Testing.

43. 2010:   Ashutosh Awasthi, A Study of certain aspects of degradation modeling.

44. 2010:   Abhishek Sarkar, A Study of High-Dimensional Data.