Tejas Kotwal

Tejas Kotwal

Hi there! I'm a third year undergraduate from IIT Bombay majoring in Mathematics. Initially, I was a student in Mechanical Engineering, but after my sophomore year, I switched my programme of study to further pursue my interests. I've always found problems in mechanics fascinating, and I hope to learn mathematics in order to look at more challenging problems.

Currently, I am reading the thesis of Jim Ostrowski, titled "The Mechanics and Control of Undulatory Robotic Locomotion", and you can find my summary notes here.

Also, I am reading the book "Introduction to Hamiltonian dynamical systems and the n-body problem" by Meyer and Hall, and you can find my notes here.

I have also looked at how the circadian clock in humans can be modelled using the Kuramoto model to explain east-west jet lag asymmetry as part of a course project in my course in Nonlinear Dynamics. The presentation can be found here.

As a research project, I have looked at the nonlinear dynamic analysis of electrostatically driven doubly clamped cylindrical nanoresonators. In particular, I am looking at the effect of damping on the various motions of a nanoelectromechanical resonator. The planar driven resonator undergoes a bifurcation which gives rise to nonplanar vibrations thereby resulting in whirling-like motion. A few of my presentations may be found below:

In another course project in my Mechanical Measurements course, we were asked to come up with a new way to detect the presence of a food adulerant in a particlar food. Once again, I try to make use of carbon nanotubes and propose a rather hypothetical method to detect food adulerants by measuring the change in viscosity. The report can be found here. (Kindly bear with the sloppiness, :P it was my first time using LaTeX)

Contact details:
272, Hostel 2,
IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai
tejas.kotwal [at] iitb [dot] ac [dot] in