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Venkata Sai

I am a final year undergraduate in Mathematics at IIT Bombay. Apart from mathematics courses, I have also done courses in Electrical Engineeering. You can find my resume here.
After school, I joined IIT Bombay as an Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. As my primary interest was mathematics I started pursuing a minor in mathematics. After doing a few courses I was even more interested and therefore changed my major to Mathematics.


My Resume



Gromov's H-principle: I have read proof of Gromov's theorem for open partial differential relation from the book Introduction to h-principle by Eliashberg and Mishachev. The proof follows the idea of holonomic approximation, that is finding a holonomic approximation of a section of jet bundle near a slightly perturbed submanifold of the original submanifold. This theorem reduces problems of analysis into algebraic/geometric problems. For example it reduces the study of spae of immersions to study of formal immersions.

Professor Akhil Ranjan Lecture notes on Curves and surfaces


My contact details are

Venkata Sai Narayana
Room 118
Hostel 6
IIT Bombay
phone: 9167470345
e-mail: venkatasainarayana@gmail.com