M.Sc. Statistics

Statistical analysis, modeling and inference are required in almost all areas of the natural and social sciences, technology and industrial research and development. There has always been a demand for trained graduates and specialists in different branches of Statistics. Advent and expansion of Information Technology in almost all domains of life has increased the significance of “Data-Science and Technology” with a need for specialized academic courses at the interface of Statistics and Informatics. The Mathematics Department, IIT Bombay pioneered in this direction way back in 1995-96 with the initiation of a two-year M.Sc. degree course in Applied Statistics and Informatics. The curriculum of this trend-setting academic programme offers a blend of foundational theoretical courses as well as applied core courses in Computer Science, Probability and Statistics, Scientific Computing and Mathematics. The list of elective courses includes — Applied Algorithms, Statistical Techniques in Data Mining, Analysis of Multi-type & Big Data, Computer Aided Geometric Design, Introduction to Derivative Pricing, Biostatistics, Statistical Modeling, Nonparametric Statistics, Statistical Decision Theory, Statistical Quality Control, Mathematical Theory of Reliability, Numerical Analysis, and Finite Difference Methods for PDE. This academic programme also has a Home Paper Project component in the second year under which the students may opt for industry oriented or applied/basic research oriented project as per their inclination, background, and potential.

The curriculum can be found here.

Admissions to the MSc program are made through the Joint Admission Test for M.Sc.(JAM), conducted across the country every year. For more details on JAM, please visit https://jam.iitg.ac.in/. Eligibility requirement (ER) for admission to IIT Bombay Master's programs can be found here:https://jam.iitg.ac.in/eligibility-requirements-for-admission.html. Minimum Educational Qualifications can be found here:https://jam.iitg.ac.in/minimum-educational-qualifications.html

Entry to the Ph.D. programme for M.Sc. students in the Mathematics Department

Students in the M.Sc. programmes (Mathematics and Statistics) in the IIT Bombay Mathematics department will be allowed entry into the PhD programme if they meet the following requirements.

(i) The student must have a CPI of 7.5 at the end of third semester.

(ii) The student must have no course backlogs.

(iii) The student must pass the Ph.D. entrance examination and interview conducted in December.