Wed, August 21, 2019
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2:00pm [2:45pm] Rahul Gupta :University of Freiburg, Germany : Mathematics Colloquium
Mathematics Colloquium Speaker: Rahul Gupta. Affiliation: University of Freiburg, Germany. Date and Time: Wednesday 21 August, 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm. Venue: Ramanujan Hall, Department of Mathematics. Title: Milnor $K$-theory and Chow groups. Abstract: In this talk, we shall define Milnor $K$-groups and Chow groups. We study various properties of these and also theorems relating both groups. In particular, we talk about Bloch's formula and Totaro's map. Towards the end, I shall state my results in this direction, which are joint work with Prof A. Krishna.

4:00pm [4:00pm] Debraj Chakrabarti : Central Michigan University, USA
Popular talk in Mathematics. Speaker: Debraj Chakrabarti. Affiliation: Central Michigan University, USA. Date and Time: Wednesday 21 August, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Venue: Ramanujan Hall, Department of Mathematics. Title: The flat-earth society: conformal mapping from Claudius Ptolemy to Louis Nirenberg. Abstract: The problem of constructing flat representations of spherical surfaces arises naturally in geography and astronomy while making maps. We look at a mathematical formulation of this problem using the notion of conformal mapping, and discuss its relation with complex analysis. After reviewing the contributions of Gauss, Riemann, and Poincaré to this problem, we end with some glimpses of 20th century developments. This will be an expository talk accessible to undergraduate and postgraduate students.