Matteo Varbaro, University of Genoa

Date and Time: Tuesday 1st September 2020, 5:30 pm IST - 6:30 pm IST
(joining time : 5:15 pm IST - 5:30 pm IST)

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Speaker: Matteo Varbaro, University of Genoa

Title: F-splittings of the polynomial ring and compatibly split
homogeneous ideals

Abstract: A polynomial ring R in n variables over a field K of positive
characteristic is F-split. It has many F-splittings. When K is a perfect
field every F-splitting is given by a polynomial g in R with the monomial
u^{p-1} in its support (where u is the product of all the variables)
occurring with coefficient 1, plus a further condition, which is not
needed if g is homogeneous (w.r.t. any positive grading). Fixed an
F-splitting s : R -> R, an ideal I of R such that s(I) is contained in I
is said compatibly split (w.r.t. the F-splittings). In this case R/I is
F-split. Furthermore, by Fedder’s criterion when I is a homogeneous ideal
of R, R/I is F-split if and only if I is compatibly split for some
F-splitting s : R -> R. If, moreover, u^{p-1} is the initial monomial of
the associated polynomial g of s w.r.t. some monomial order, then in(I) is
a square-free monomial ideal… In this talk I will survey these facts (some
of them classical, some not so classical), and make some examples,
focusing especially on determinantal ideals.
Tue, September 1, 2020
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5:30pm-6:30pm IST
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