The Eulerian generating function of q-derangements

The polytope of degree partitions (with A. Bhattacharya and S. Sivasubramanian)

Cones of closed alternating walks and trails (with A. Bhattacharya and U. N. Peled)

The Cone of balanced subgraphs (with A. Bhattacharya and U. N. Peled)

Some problems motivated by the notion of threshold graphs

Symmetric chains, Gelfand-Tsetlin chains, and the Terwilliger algebra of the binary Hamming scheme

A positive combinatorial formula for the complexity of the q-analog of the n-cube

Radial eigenvectors of the Laplacian of the nonbinary hypercube

Notes on explicit block diagonalization

The Goldman-Rota identity and the Grassmann scheme

Wreath product action on generalized Boolean algebras (with A. Mishra)

A combinatorial determinant dual to the group determinant (with A. Mishra)

The Okounkov-Vershik approach to the representation theory of G wreath S_n (with A. Mishra)

The perfect matching association scheme (Maple program notes and binary file)