Mon, October 19, 2020
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11:00am [11:30am] Nitin Tomar
Date and Time: Monday 19 October, 11.30am Speaker: Nitin Tomar Google Meet Link: Title: Pro C* algebras Abstract: Pro C*-algebras are the generalisation of C*-algebras in which the C*-norm is replaced by a family of C*-seminorms. In this talk, we discuss the analogy between pro C*-algebra and C*-algebra. Also, we discuss that any pro C* algebra arises as the projective limit of C*-algebras (hence, the name). With this observation, we write the spectrum of a pro C*-algebra and see how it differs from its C*-algebra counterpart. We will also see necessary and sufficient conditions under which a pro C*-algebra isomorphic to a C*-algebra.

4:00pm [4:00pm] Joachim Jelisiejew, University of Warsaw, Poland
Speaker: Joachim Jelisiejew, University of Warsaw, Poland Time: Monday 19th October 4 to 5pm (joining time 3.45pm IST) Google Meet Link: Title: Questions and recent results on the Hilbert scheme of points. Abstract: In the talk I will present the open questions and state of the art on Hilbert schemes of points, focusing on the most accessible questions. In one sentence: the Hilbert scheme parameterizes deformations of finite rank algebras, which accounts for its usefulness, while it is highly singular which accounts for the difficulties, jointly these features make its investigation a very active area.