Mr. Tapendu Rana


Ph. D. Defence seminar

Date and time: Monday, January 9, 2023 Time: 11 AM-12 PM 
Venue: Ramanujan Hall
Host: Sanjay Pusti
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Speaker: Mr. Tapendu Rana

Title: Wiener Tauberian theorems on Lie groups and Pseudo-differential operators on symmetric spaces and homogeneous trees 
Abstract: In this seminar, first, we will discuss the L^p-boundedness property of the pseudo-differential operators associated with a symbol on the rank one Riemannian symmetric spaces of noncompact type, where the symbol satisfies Hörmander-type conditions near infinity. We will also investigate the same problem in the setting of homogeneous trees, which are considered to be the discrete version of the rank one noncompact symmetric spaces.
We will talk about the Wiener Tauberian theorem on Lie groups in the second part of our seminar. We will discuss a genuine analogue of Wiener Tauberian theorem for L^{p,1}(SL(2, R)) (1 ≤ p < 2). Finally, we will prove Wiener Tauberian theorem type results for various Banach algebras and Lorentz spaces of radial functions on real rank one semisimple Lie group G, which is noncompact, connected, and has a finite center. This is a natural generalization of the Wiener Tauberian theorem for the commutative Banach algebra of the radial integrable functions on G.

Ramanujan Hall, Department of Mathematics
Mon, January 9, 2023
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11:00am-12:00pm IST
1 hour
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Sun, January 8, 2023 11:51am IST