Guidance of M.Sc. Students

Year: 1991

  1. Nikita Nadkarni, Semi Markov Processes.
  2. Mini Nair, Phase Type Distributions.

Year: 1993

  1. Ravindra Kotwal, Order Statistics.
  2. Rupali Shah, Unimodality, Convexity and Applications.

Year: 1995

  1. M. Parvati, Estimation of P (X<Y).

Year: 1998

  1. Sowmdeb Sen, Some Aspects of Ranked Set Sampling (Co-guide: Dr. S. Purkayastha).

Year: 1999

  1. Kapildeb Sen, Brand switching analysis in Market Forecasting. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).
  2. Deepak Mav, Algorithmic Development for Generalized Estimating Equations.
  3. Aarti Ganu, Applications of Statistics to Mineral Processing Industry.

Year: 2000

  1. S Kartik, Algorithmic Development of Log-linear Models.
  2. Mahtab Munshi, Algorithmic Development of Logistic Regression.
  3. Debashish Das, Analysis of Election Data. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).
  4. Rudrajyoti Sen, Forecasting Sales and Product positioning of Pharmaceutical Products. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

Year: 2001

  1. Chandan Chakraborty, A Study of Diffusion and Substitution Phenomena for Successive Generations of Technological Products.
  2. Kaushik Das, Applications of Survival Analysis to Medical Data (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).
  3. Srijit Maiti, Time Series Modelling and Forecasting of Sales of Medical Drugs.

Year: 2002

  1. Chandrima Das, Survival Analysis. A Case Study.
  2. Gautam Shanbhag, Time Series Modelling of Financial Data.
  3. Shuchismita Sarkar, Construction of Brand Index for Pharmaceutical Products. (Co-guide: Dr. Chitra Lele).

Year: 2003

  1. Nancy Mathew, Analysis of Socio-Economic Records using Data Mining Techniques. (Co-guide: Dr. Suman Mitra).
  2. Ashis Kumar, A Study of Random Forests.
  3. Swarup Kumar, A Study of Contingency Tables.

Year: 2004

  1. Vasudev Maiya, Statistical Analysis of Longitudinal Categorical Data.
  2. S. Ramya, A Study of Several Model Selection Criteria.

Year: 2005

  1. Mohit Das, Structural Equation Modelling.

Year: 2006

  1. Madhukar Kumar, Classification and Regression tree based methods for Longitudinal data.
  2. Manish Kumar Agarwal, Design Dependence Problem in Generalized Linear Models.
  3. Abhishek Raghuvanshi, Regression Models for Discrete Longitudinal responses.
  4. Pankaj Kumar, Generalized Linear Model approach to categorical Time Sries Data.

Year: 2007

  1. Pranab Kumar Ghosh, Some Aspects of the Design of Longitudinal Study.
  2. Somnath Karmakar, A Study of Optimal Regression Designs.
  3. Chetna Singh, Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Case-Control Studies.
  4. Bhakti Bhusan Manna, Response Surface Methodology for Discrete Data.

Year: 2008

  1. Sanjeev Awasare, Bayesian Analysis of Linear Mixed Models.
  2. Venkat Reddy, Statistical Analysis of Symbolic Data.
  3. Amritangsu Nandi, A Study of Some New Lifetime Distribution Classes Using Notion of Imprecise Reliability.
  4. Lavanya Wadhawa, Selection of Forecasting Granularity to Maximize benefits of Scheduling in Service Industrires. (Co-guide: Dr. Sidharth Sengupta, TCS LTD.)
  5. Puspendra Singh, Evaluating New Biomarkers.

Year: 2010

  1. Pankaj Kumar, Modelling and Analysis of Degradation Data .
  2. Rohit Singhal, A study of Model Diagnostics for Hazard Regression Models .
  3. Ramaswamy Venkatarajan, A survey of the Likelihood approach to Bioequivalence Trials .

Year: 2011

  1. Abhijatri Das, Reliability Demonstration using Bernoulli Data and Extreme (X-) Testing.
  2. Ashutosh Awasthi, A Study of certain aspects of degradation modeling.
  3. Abhishek Sarkar, A Study of High-Dimensional Data.

Year: 2012

  1. Suhani Jain, Redundancy Allocation of Multi-State Systems and Related Optimization Algorithms.
  2. P. Sreedevi Menon, High Dimensional Sparce Econometric Models.
  3. Kirti Gaikwad, Bivariate Quantile Function.
  4. Snehanshu Mallik, Quantile Regression Models.

Year: 2013

  1. Arushi Gambhir, Genralized Linear Models and LASSO.
  2. Swati Agarwal, Multi-State System Reliability and Optimization.
  3. Saurabh Bhatt, Construction of Reliability Test Plans.
  4. Raanju Ragavendar S, Quantile Regression Models.

Year: 2014

  1. Dibyo Ghosh, A Study of Statistical Tets in Cryptography.
  2. Srinjay Datta, Estimation and Statistical Inferntial Aspects in Quantile Regression.

Year: 2015

  1. Kartik Verma, Expectation-Maximization Algorithm.
  2. Mayank Jain, Estimation of Reliability for Multi-State Stress-Strength Models.
  3. Ashvini Kumar Dubey, Quantile Regression in Presence of Censored Observations.
  4. Himanshu Singh, Modules in Discrete Multi-State Coherent Systems..

Year: 2016

  1. Sumedh Gadpale, Applications of Concept of Signature in Reliability Theory.
  2. Brijesh Kumar Singhal, Challenges of Applying Present Statistical Methods to Big Data.
  3. Radha Kumari Yadav, Multivariate Control Charts .
  4. Amrit Nath Mishra, Estimation in Multi-state Systems Using GEE Methodology.

Year: 2017

  1. Sunny Kumar, Identification of Bio-Markers Using Big Data Techniques.
  2. Parth Dave, Study of Inferential Aspects and Applicationsof Extreme Value Distributions.
  3. Kritika Gulati , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Vivax Malaria Data .
  4. Chiranjibi Mahapatra , Degradation Modeling and Related Application. .

Year: 2018

  1. Souvik Chakraborty , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Malaria Data.
  2. Rudra Prasad Das , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Glioma Data.
  3. Mamta Sansanwal , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Colorectral Cancer Data.
  4. Raghvendra Pandye , Application of Degradation Modeling to Photovoltaic Module Related Data..
  5. Sourabh Agarwal , Reliability associated Estimatin and Cost Assessment for Multi-state Systems..

Year: 2019

  1. Shravana Kumar Yadav , Prediction of Railroad Empty-to-Load Peak Kips.
  2. Rajesj Kumar Prajapati , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Micro-Array Colorectral Cancer Data.
  3. Ravindra Chaurasiya , Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Malaria Data.
  4. Shubhangi Khandelwal , Statistical Analysis of Micro-array Data on Maningioma Patients using High-Dimensional Data Reduction Techniques..
  5. Soumova Paul Choudhury , Stochastic Methodology For Prognostics Under Continuously Varying Environmental Profiles. .